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When an ex wants to be friends with you, that can be both a good sign and a bad sign. Your approach is not always positive.

Staying friends is a very difficult thing to do if the breakup was bad and youi still have feelings for your ex.

Simply keeping in touch during this situation will leave you more confused and stuck.

You just can't stop thinking about it and wondering why an ex wants to be friends and not fix the relationship.

Immediately, you start to wonder what their purpose is and how often they will contact you.

The most important thing to do is be realistic and not romanticize your ex in this case.

The moment you idealize, you miss the main point.

To control this situation,here are 12 reasons an ex wants to be friends?

1. They want to fix the relationship

Why does my ex want to be friends? 12 reasons to find out the truth - HeTexted (1)

When an ex wants to mend a relationship, sometimes they may want to start over as friends.

If you don't want to run out and start a relationship, I urge you to stay friends.

In this way you will interact, but less than usual.

He doesn't want to cut all ties or keep in touch with you all the time unless nurtured.

It's their way of conveying that they don't want to lose you forever.

In this case, they will tell you their limits, but they will assure you that they will be on your side.

They will put your romantic feelings on hold first and look at your characteristics as a human being.

2. They feel guilty and don't want to cut contact

Someone may feel guilty and this feeling will haunt you. To alleviate this feeling, your ex will want to be friends.

Being on good terms will facilitate yourpost-breakup anxiety and loneliness, and decrease the amount of guilt.

Otherwise, if you used the no contact rule, your grieving process would take longer.

To understand your post-breakup psychology, consider getting help from relationship coaches.

the coaches ofrelationship herothis will help you understand in parts the psychology behind your actions.

The first session is free where they will ask you some questions and you will learn more about the breakup.

You will be able to tell if your ex wants to be friends to fill his void or for some other reason.

This will be done after the trainers have come up with a plan specific to your situation.

3. They want the best of both worlds.

It all depends on your ex's personality, not all exes want to be friends for the same reason.

If an ex breaks up with you but still wants to be friends with you, they might want to be friends with you.

They just want to keep you as an option if other relationships don't work for them.

They want to keep you as a second choice, keeping their dating options open.

At first, it might be harder to tell, but in time you'll recognize the signs.

  • They will only text during the night and from time to time;
  • They won't be interested in your well-being or whether you're doing well;
  • You will only find yourself on their terms;

4. They need emotional support

When an ex still needs your emotional support and validation, they'll keep an eye on you.

They want your emotional support and validation and don't want to release it on others.

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someone with low self esteemand a narcissistic ex would need your emotional support to feel good.

They are aware of the stages of breaking up and don't want to suffer alone.

They want to keep you hanging just so they can't let you move on either.

In this case, they don't want to date you either, but just want to make sure you're there.

5. They can't leave the relationship

Why does my ex want to be friends? 12 reasons to find out the truth - HeTexted (2)

When your ex wants you to stay friends, it's just an emotional roller coaster.

Especially when they want to be friends just because they're used to being with you.

After a breakup, it is difficult for someone to move on and get into another relationship.

As a study saysan ex will be afraid to be alone after the breakupbecause they are afraid of being single.

It's hard for them to adjust to something new as they are still emotionally invested in you.

On the other hand, if your ex still idealizes your relationship, he or she will want to stay friends with you.

They think that's the only way the relationship will work again without working on its flaws first.

6. They miss their old selves

One of the reasons an ex asks you to stay friends is because he feels like he's in his prime.

If you made your ex feel confident, lovable, and wanted, they'll want to stay friends.

They will want to do this because they are driven by nostalgia and melancholy.

Especially if they initiated the separation and now realize its worth.

In that case, they can try to correct the error a little and find comfort.

7. He still has feelings for you

If an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend wants to be friends, it's a good sign if they want to mend their relationship with you.

If so, they still have unresolved romantic feelings.

They want to continue communicating with you and may later turn this friendship into a relationship.

For example, when he asks to be friends, he is persistent in his communication.

  • he keepsstalking you;
  • He will take care of you;
  • He will continue to communicate all the time respecting your limits;
  • He will only be interested in positively impacting you;

It's about creating a respectful and secure aura for yourself that can regain your trust and make the relationship work.

8. They don't want to look bad

When your ex wants to be friends, it doesn't mean he wants more than friendship.

It depends on their personality and how they feel about you after the breakup.

If your ex has lost his feelings for you, he wants to stay friends just to have a peaceful breakup.

Now, that doesn't mean they're going to communicate with you on a daily basis. Perhaps they never initiate any conversations.

Therefore, this does not mean that you will be blocked or muted.

They just ended the relationship and don't want to interact with you in any way.

9. They were onesenior partner

Why does my ex want to be friends? 12 reasons to find out the truth - HeTexted (3)

A controlling partner wants us to be friends after the breakup, just to keep an eye on you.

In this situation, they act as if the relationship is not over yet.


They act like they are still your partner and justify themselves after that.

With a controlling partner, maintaining the friendship is quite difficult because you don't get a chance to set boundaries.

~They will want to know who you date and what you do.

~ They keep texting or calling you constantly for no particular reason.

~ They will try to “accidentally” find you everywhere.

~ They will try to hang out with you in groups.

All this is done to keep an eye on you and not let you go. Everything is made to your own specific needs.

10. They were pressured by their peers to go out together.

When your ex breaks up with you but wants to be friends, he thinks it's better to remain a friend than a lover.

If you didn't have strong feelings for each other early on, he or she will want to be friends.

This means they don't want to lose your friendship even if they don't have feelings for you anymore.

When you first decided to date, you may have felt lonely, desperate, or just wanted to date.

Therefore, this relationship could have turned into a friendship without romantic feelings.

This does not mean that after this experience, an ex will want to stay friends.

It depends on their personality and how they feel about you.

11. They want revenge

This reason may be present in some cases. Usually when an ex is narcissistic they want to feel how they feel.

Whether they are the dumper or the dumpee makes no difference.

They just want you to have the same miserable experience they are having.

Their approach might be friendly and you won't be able to tell what's going on.

Along the way, you'll start to wonderif you should stay friends with your exDo not.

There will be so many red flags and mixed signals that negatively affect you.

12. You have mutual responsibilities

If an ex-married person wants to be friends, he will do so out of mutual responsibilities.

They will do this to create a safe and happy environment for their children.

That way, you won't have fights or romantic feelings that would be inappropriate.

If you also have business opportunities together, an ex would want to stay friends just to talk without fighting.

In this situation, your ex will be distant and will not prolong conversations.

Is it normal for ex to be friends?

Why does my ex want to be friends? 12 reasons to find out the truth - HeTexted (4)

There's nothing wrong with remaining friends as long as there are no romantic feelings involved.

Also, what will define the answer to this question is your ex's other partner.

~If they are the jealous type, even if there are no romantic feelings towards your ex, the friendship will be difficult.

In this situation, it's best to take a step back and focus on your life.

If they continue to solve this problem on their own, continuing their friendship will not be bad.

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~It's OK to remain friends with an ex if they've already set boundaries.

If you're not emotionally attached and check in every now and then, that's fine.

This includes how much time you spend together and what kind of information you share.

~If they don't impede your personal growth and don't negatively impact you, that's fine.

An ex who wants to control your life romantically even after the breakup cannot be your friend.

A friend should be there to support you or just maintain positive communication.

~If your ex wants to be friends but you still have feelings for him, it's hard to maintain a friendship.

In this situation, maintaining a friendship will prolong the pain of the breakup.

You will be trapped in a dark bubble and unable to let go of the past.

It's better to find out your feelings before agreeing to be friends.

What to do when your ex wants to be your friend?

When an ex wants to be your friend, the first thing to notice is how that friendship will benefit you.

I understand that after the breakup you want to keep in touch with your ex.

You do this because you still have feelings for them or you just want to enjoy their friendship.

Before making that decision, here are some things to consider:

1.Take some time alone to reflect.

Before giving an instant answer, you need to slow down and take your time.

This doesn't mean you have to give them an immediate response or you'll lose them forever.

Balance things out and see how you feel without and with their presence in your life.

2.Don't agree to be friends because you want toregret your decision.

It's normal to feel hurt and unwanted after a breakup. This can lead you to do the bare minimum and even become friends with your ex.

If this experience negatively impacts you, don't do it.

Manipulating your ex's feelings because youI want to get them back, will leave you hurt.

3. If you are already in another relationship, check how this situation affects them too.

Most of the time, you can forget that there is a third person involved in this situation.

If your ex doesn't think you should continue this friendship, ask him why.

Check why this makes them uncomfortable and what you would do to balance this situation.

So if your ex just wants you to be friends with no romantic feelings involved, check into the issue with your current partner.

Most of the time they don't want you to be friends with their ex because of their jealousy and insecurity type.

4.If your ex wants to be friends but you don't let him know.Don't fantasize about them or give too many explanations.

Just say how you feel and why you think this friendship won't be right for you.

Do not hesitate to have a precise and brief answer to define the continuity of your relationship.

(Video) 5 Common Texts Your Ex Will Send (And How To Reply!)

5.If you were in a previous unpleasant relationship and you both fell in love, cut all contact.

Only then can you step out of the past,heal from separationand look forward.

Does my ex want me back or just want to be friends?

There is a fine line between whether your ex just wants to be friends or wants you back.

You will be able to make a difference according to his behavior towards you.

If an ex wants you back, he will be persistent to win your heart and attention once again.

Your behavior will be more romantic than friendly.

When an ex wants to be just a friend, he will have his limits too.

  • They will contact you from time to time and rarely initiate conversations.
  • Their conversations will be simple and they won't share much about their romantic life.
  • They are careful with their language and don't flirt with you.
  • They are aloof and don't try to impress you or get your attention.

Whereas, when an ex wants you back, he tries to show you how much he's changed.

  • They flirt with you to some extent and want to make you feel special.
  • They strike up conversations and don't spend a lot of time communicating with you.
  • They try to prolong conversations.
  • They get jealous of you.
  • They keep you up to date on their life.
  • They keep reminiscing about their past relationship.

There are those little things that make all the difference in this situation.

If your ex wants to be friends, what does that mean?

If an ex wants to be friends, wants to enjoy your friendship, hasn't gotten over the breakup, or wants revenge.

They do this because of their desires, attachment style, and personality traits.

To be more specific, they have a post-breakup void they need to fill.

There is nothing wrong with staying friends with an ex only if there are no romantic feelings involved.

When an ex goes after everything being a friend despite the friendship, it will affect you negatively.

On the other hand, remaining friends after No Contact is more likely to lead to a mended relationship.

love and hugs,

calisto adams

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Why would an ex still want to be friends? ›

There are four main reasons, Rebecca Griffith and her colleagues found, why exes feel compelled to maintain a friendship or to suggest doing so: for civility (i.e., I want this breakup to hurt less than it will otherwise), for reasons relating to unresolved romantic desires (I want to see other people but keep you ...

How do you know if your ex truly wants you back? ›

20 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back
  • They Make Attempts To Stay In Touch. ...
  • They Keep You Updated. ...
  • They Get And Want To Make You Jealous. ...
  • They Pretend That They Need Your Help. ...
  • They Keep Bringing Up Your Memories Together. ...
  • They Tell You How Far They Have Come. ...
  • They Keep Checking With Mutual Friends About Your Well-being.
Dec 20, 2022

How do you know if your ex is still thinking about you? ›

They Ask About You When They Run Into Mutual Friends. They Log Into Any Shared Accounts. They Change Their Social Media Behavior Completely. They Try To Get In Touch With You At Weird Times.

Can you be friends with an ex who still has feelings for you? ›

Yes, it's absolutely possible to be friends with your ex. Whether it's a good idea will depend on the situation and the people involved.

Why do narcissists want to stay friends with their exes? ›

By remaining friends with their exes, narcissists get to keep all of their former partners on a carousel of convenience: they can create a harem of people to use for sex, money, praise, attention or whatever else they desire, at any time.

How to respond when someone says they just want to be friends? ›

Thank the person for their honesty.

It takes courage to let someone know that they're only interested in friendship, as some people might just ghost or leave you hanging. Show the person that you appreciate that they took the time to be real with you and thank them for it.

How do you know if your ex regrets breaking up? ›

Here are some of the signs your ex regrets dumping you.
  • They begin to communicate with you.
  • They apologize for the breakup.
  • They show more affection.
  • They discuss issues in their present relationship.
  • They try to atone for past mistakes.
  • They show pessimism when you tell them someone else is involved.
  • They stalk you.
Jul 8, 2022

What makes an ex come back? ›

1. The No-Contact Rule. If you want to discover why exes come back after years, you should know that when an ex thinks that you would not be able to move on and leave their memories behind, they muster the guts to make a comeback. An ex may come back even when they are not sure of your relationship status.

What are the chances of your ex wanting you back? ›

Exes may return in some cases. As couples can break up for various reasons, the circumstances of a breakup may impact the potential for reconnection. However, a recent study showed that, on average, only 15% of exes get back together and remain in a healthy, loving relationship long-term.

How do you know if your ex has truly moved on? ›

Signs Your Ex Is Over You
  • Communication Dwindles. Relationships are built on interactions, and if you're not in touch in one way or another — in person, on the phone, or elsewhere — there's not really a relationship. ...
  • Interactions Become Less Fun. ...
  • Interactions Become Less Awkward. ...
  • They Get Serious With Someone Else.
Jan 16, 2020

How do you know if someone misses you without contact? ›

Look out for these 15 signs to know he misses you during no-contact.
  1. Everyone around him knows he is depressed. ...
  2. He now spends much time online. ...
  3. He refrains from dating for a long time. ...
  4. He tries “too hard” to flirt with other girls.
Apr 29, 2022

How do you know if your ex isn't over you? ›

Signs to look out for:
  1. They're giving mixed signals.
  2. They blame you for the breakup.
  3. They're angry with you.
  4. They're keeping in touch with you.
  5. They flirt with you.
  6. They're bringing up memories.
  7. You still have some of their things.
  8. They're sabotaging you.
Jun 27, 2021

What are the rules for being friends with an ex? ›

15 unspoken boundaries for being friends with an ex
  • Don't publish posts about your ex on social media. ...
  • Don't stalk them online. ...
  • Respect each other's privacy. ...
  • Don't compare your previous relationship to your future relationships. ...
  • Show respect to their new partner. ...
  • Don't try to bring up the past.
Jun 17, 2022

Can you still be friends with someone you have feelings for? ›

Staying friends with someone after developing real romantic feelings for them can be hard. However, many people have successfully remained friends after unrequited love confessions. Although it's common for two people not to be able to get past potential awkwardness, it can still be possible for some.

How do you make your ex fall in love again psychology? ›

Snag your ex's eye by reaching back out, spending time together, reminding them of happy memories, and acting casual and confident. Finally, discuss getting back together. Talk about what went wrong in the past and let your ex know that you're willing to work to be a better partner.

How do you outsmart an ex narcissist? ›

10 Strategies for Dealing with Your Narcissistic Ex
  1. Realize they wont change. ...
  2. Remember a divorce happened. ...
  3. Schedule responses. ...
  4. Answer only what is asked. ...
  5. Dont tolerate any abusive behavior. ...
  6. Appreciate the silence. ...
  7. Use the hamburger method when something is needed. ...
  8. Limit interactions.

What does narcissist do after a breakup? ›

MD. At the end of a relationship, a narcissist will often spiral down a long-winded gauntlet of manipulation tactics. They may blame you for causing the relationship to fail, work hard to keep you to stay with them, make lofty promises to change their behavior, or badmouth you to everyone around them.

How do you respond to an ex that wants to be friends? ›

What To Do When Your Ex Wants To Be Friends
  1. Whatever You Do, Don't Panic. ...
  2. Think About If You Want That Person Back In Your Life & Why. ...
  3. Take Note Of Any Current Relationships. ...
  4. Respect The Ex's Boundaries. ...
  5. Don't Try To Revisit Old Habits. ...
  6. Remember That It's OK to Say No.
Oct 23, 2015

How do you get over someone who just wants to be friends? ›

Unrequited Love for a Friend? Here Are 6 Ways to Deal
  1. Allow Yourself to Grieve.
  2. Pick Your Distance.
  3. Understand What Your Brain is Doing.
  4. Find Non-Romantic Media to Consume.
  5. Treat Your Feelings Like a Third Person in the Relationship.
  6. Let Your Feelings Inspire You.
Jan 25, 2016

How do you know if a breakup is permanent? ›

8 Signs that Your Breakup is Permanent
  • You feel better apart than you did together. ...
  • Your friends and family haven't been the biggest fans of your ex. ...
  • You've already moved onto someone else (or your ex has). ...
  • Your relationship was short-lived. ...
  • There is a clear misalignment of fundamental values and life goals.
Mar 3, 2020

How do I know if my ex is suffering? ›

21 Signs Your Ex Is Miserable
  1. He's working A LOT. ...
  2. He stopped working. ...
  3. Her weight changed noticeably. ...
  4. He talks about being miserable without you. ...
  5. Intoxication equals contacting you. ...
  6. He makes sure you know he has a new girlfriend. ...
  7. She goes from fling to fling. ...
  8. He's spiraling into alcohol or drug abuse.
May 19, 2022

How do you know if your ex is hurting after a break up? ›

One of the telltale signs he is hurt after the breakup is if he can't stop talking to you. Indeed, he knows you guys have broken up, but letting go is hard for him. He will text you, call to ask about your work and friends, or look for an excuse to hear your voice. These signs mean he cannot accept your separation.

Does silence make your ex come back? ›

Radio silence simply refers to the act of being distant from your partner in order to make him come back to you. When done the right way, it allows your ex to miss and crave you more. It reaffirms and reawakens the feels he has for you, compelling him to come back.

How do you make your ex miss you forever? ›

How To Make Your Ex Miss You After A Breakup
  1. Do Not Try To Contact Them. ...
  2. Do Not Receive Their Calls And Respond To Their Texts. ...
  3. Reinvent Yourself. ...
  4. Meet New People And Make New Friends. ...
  5. Talk To Their Friends. ...
  6. Check Out The Outside Dating World. ...
  7. Take A Vacation. ...
  8. Be Active On Social Media.
Dec 13, 2022

How often does the dumper come back? ›

If you average all the reputable research on the ex recovery process and chances of getting your ex back, there's about a 43.5% chance your ex will come back without doing anything. Those aren't exactly betting odds. That means six out of ten times you're probably not going to get your ex back.

How do I know my ex never wants me back? ›

14 Signs Your Ex is Over You and Doesn't Want You Back
  • Your ex does not respond to your calls or messages. ...
  • You get blocked or s/he changes mobile number. ...
  • All your stuff is returned. ...
  • Your efforts are taken for granted. ...
  • Your ex does not make any effort to reconcile. ...
  • S/he tells you, 'I'm tired' with a sigh.
May 4, 2022

How often do exes fall back in love? ›

Key points. Research finds that 40-50 percent of people have reunited with an ex to start a new relationship. On-again relationships tend to suffer lower relationship quality and worse functioning than never-broken relationships. People often resume relationships with ex-partners because of lingering feelings.

How do you know if your ex feels guilty? ›

It can often be identified within exes by these five signs,
  1. Diagnose The Three Reasons People Tend To Feel Guilty.
  2. Their Social Media Behavior Changes Dramatically.
  3. Being Abnormally Quick To Anger.
  4. Your Ex Becomes Very Moody.
  5. Your Ex Becomes Very Avoidant.
Jun 9, 2021

Why does my ex want to be friends after she broke up with me? ›

What does it mean when your ex wants to be friends? It may mean they are not over the relationship yet or regret the decision to break up with you. They may also want to be friends because they want to be on good terms with you post-breakup or may need something from you.

What are the signs that someone is thinking about you? ›

So read on as we tell you about a few psychic signs that tell you when a person is thinking about you.
Note that these are anecdotal and need not necessarily be true.
  • Unexpected emotions. ...
  • Eye twitching. ...
  • White feather sign. ...
  • Dreams about them. ...
  • Goosebumps. ...
  • A butterfly perches on you. ...
  • Your cheeks flush. ...
  • Mid-meal discomfort.
Nov 28, 2022

Can your ex miss you but not contact you? ›

The answer is: Yes. Your ex misses you in the very same way he was in a relationship with you… Inconsistently.

How do you know if he's thinking about you during no contact? ›

Other signs your ex misses you during “no contact” could be:
  • He asks mutual friends about you (or they tell you that he misses you).
  • He's super active on your social media and follows you closely.
  • He's way more responsive to your messages (if you're in contact).
  • He makes sudden changes or improvements to his appearance.
Jul 17, 2022

How do you know someone is not over you? ›

10 Signs He's Still Not Over You
  1. He still texts you “happy birthday” promptly. ...
  2. You still get invited to parties he throws. ...
  3. You're pretty sure he's sent you what amounts to a “you up?” text at least once. ...
  4. He's made a point to show you how much he's grown and changed. ...
  5. He hasn't blocked you on social media.
Aug 8, 2018

Is it a red flag to be friends with your ex? ›

In many cases, staying friends with an ex is a sign they are capable of having successful relationships. Ending things on good terms without unresolved drama shows great growth and maturity.

How do you set boundaries with an ex you still love? ›

How to Set Healthy Boundaries With Your Ex
  1. Give yourself time and ask for help.
  2. Understand why you need boundaries.
  3. Talk to them.
  4. Block them if you need to.
Dec 13, 2019

How to be friends with an ex who hurt you? ›

5 Rules Of Being Friends With Your Ex So No One Ends Up Getting...
  1. Flirting Is Off Limits.
  2. Respect Their Space.
  3. Set Emotional Boundaries.
  4. Dont Bring Up The Past.
  5. Put A New Label To Your Relationship.
Jul 7, 2021

Can you stay friends with someone who rejected you? ›

5) Don't Rule Out Friendship

As long as you don't make a big problem about it and deal with the rejection maturely, then this person can still be in your life if they want to be. Sometimes, it can be the start of a really good friendship so don't go cutting any ties because it didn't work out romantically.

How long do true friendships last? ›

Maintaining a lifelong friendship isn't easy. In fact, a 2009 Dutch study found that a large majority of friendships only last about seven years. Like any relationship, friendships take work if you want them to last.

How do you know if friendship is over? ›

If your friend doesn't respect your feelings, it's an unhealthy relationship. Feeling anxious or negative in your friendship is a sign that it may be best to end it. Your friend is dishonest or holds back information. “Deep connections require trust,” Schmitt says.

Can you fall back in love again with the same person? ›

There are so many cases of meeting an ex after a long gap and falling in love all over again. Whether it's your long-time partner or someone who wasn't a part of your life for a while – the bottomline is we can rediscover love with the same person more than once.

Can someone fall back in love with you again? ›

So, let me be straight: yes, there's a chance someone can love you again. However, there's no guarantee, and it will most definitely take a considerable and sustained effort.

How do you know if your ex wants you back? ›

20 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back
  1. They Make Attempts To Stay In Touch. ...
  2. They Keep You Updated. ...
  3. They Get And Want To Make You Jealous. ...
  4. They Pretend That They Need Your Help. ...
  5. They Keep Bringing Up Your Memories Together. ...
  6. They Tell You How Far They Have Come. ...
  7. They Keep Checking With Mutual Friends About Your Well-being.
Dec 20, 2022

What to do if your ex wants to stay friends? ›

What To Do When Your Ex Wants To Be Friends
  1. Whatever You Do, Don't Panic. ...
  2. Think About If You Want That Person Back In Your Life & Why. ...
  3. Take Note Of Any Current Relationships. ...
  4. Respect The Ex's Boundaries. ...
  5. Don't Try To Revisit Old Habits. ...
  6. Remember That It's OK to Say No.
Oct 23, 2015

Why does my ex keep wanting to hangout? ›

If your ex is in a rebound relationship and wants to hang out with you, it may mean that he or she misses you. They might have realized that the grass isn't greener on the other side and they were happier with you. Asking you to hang out could be their way to getting close to you again.

How long should no contact last? ›

The no-contact rule refers to cutting off all contact with an ex following a breakup, and it's the best method for moving on from an ex. No contact should last for a minimum of 60 days, and it includes no texting, no calling, and no interacting on social media.

Why does he want to stay friends after breakup? ›

He isn't sure if he's still in love with you or not, but feels unable to fully let you go yet. Friendship is a way for him to hit the slow down button but still see you sometimes. Maybe it really will end up being solely friendship, or perhaps it will be more. This could be his way of trying to find out.

What causes obsession with an ex? ›

You may be having these feelings due to something else, such as nostalgia. You may love the person you used to be, or love them for who they were. Other times, you have a personality that makes you obsessed. If you do want your ex back, and the feeling is mutual, then perhaps it's time to get back together.

Why would an ex want to meet up? ›

He misses you

If your ex wants to meet up to “catch up” it's likely that he has felt an emptiness in his life since you exited it, and simply wants to meet up to see you, talk with you, be with you. You are in a prime position if this is the case. Missing you is the first step to getting him back.

Can you stay friends with someone you love? ›

Staying friends with someone after developing real romantic feelings for them can be hard. However, many people have successfully remained friends after unrequited love confessions. Although it's common for two people not to be able to get past potential awkwardness, it can still be possible for some.


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3. Why Is Your Ex Contacting you If They're Dating Someone Else?
(Ashley Kay)
4. WHY YOUR EX ALWAYS COME BACK | Why Your Ex Keeps Contacting You After You Moved On With Your Life
(Weav Told Me)
5. What To Do When Ex Breaks No Contact and Reaches Out
(Coach Lee)
6. signs your crush DOESN'T actually like you #Shorts
(Niki Patton)


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