The 9 Best Disc Golf Clubs for Throwing (2023)

The 9 Best Disc Golf Clubs for Throwing (1)

Sometimes control and accuracy are more important than distance in disc golf. In this article, we'll take a look at what a driving club is, the best driving clubs for each type of disc golf shot, and which one is right for you.

What is a driving bat?

Simply put, a disc golf club is a slower speed disc used primarily for controlled tee shots and green approach putts.

Also known as putting clubs, driving clubs are generally a little faster than their green counterparts, have a slightly flatter top and a friendly forehand feel in the hand.

As I mentioned before, driving clubs are usually pretty stable - but not always. A good throwing club should be able to handle a little more force without going into that dreaded "throller", but it also shouldn't be so stout that it immediately falls out of the air.

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Why mount a putter?

Putters are not designed for distance, but they are one of the easiest pucks to control. When you have a short, technical tee shot, a floating club is often the best option. They are also less likely to bounce or move when they hit the ground, so they make excellent approach discs.

Let's start our research by looking at the best neutral and overstable steering cleats on the market.

The best overstable driving clubs

Innova Pig

The 9 Best Disc Golf Clubs for Throwing (3)

flight ratings

  • speed: 3
  • Planar: 1
  • rotation: 0
  • Fade: 3

Popular Plastics:R-Pro, Glow Pro

A favorite of many professional golfers (and my favorite) is the Innova Pig. The Pig is a low-slip approach puck with a rimless rim that features Innova's patented Thumtrac on top of the flying plate, allowing for a comfortable forward or reverse grip.

The Pig is great on windy days as the low slip makes it easy to measure the range and it doesn't float past the basket. The slow fade also makes it easy to use for tricky hyzer shots. The fade rating 3 is really evident when the puck slows down and when it starts to impact it slowly transitions into a straight flying bat.

(Video) The Best Disc Golf Throws of 2022!

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Discraft Zone

The 9 Best Disc Golf Clubs for Throwing (4)

flight ratings

  • speed: 4
  • Planar: 3
  • rotation: 0
  • Fade: 3

Popular Plastics:ESP, Jawbreaker, CryZtal FLX, Z

Hailed as one of the best putting and putting clubs of all time, the Discraft Zone has found its way into the pockets of disc golfers of all skill levels, from amateurs to five-time world champions.

The Zone features a flat top, slightly thicker wing and increased torsional resistance for more powerful throws. Even in high winds, the Zone is a solid choice for long-range controlled hyzers or short, flex strokes. You can count on this puck to hard fade whether you're playing forehand or backhand.

Check out these cutiesLedgestone the Glo-Sons(picture above).


flight ratings

  • speed: 4
  • Planar: 3
  • rotation: 0
  • Fade: 3

Popular Plastics:Soft BT, Hard BT, VIP, Moonshine

The Westside version of an overstable pitching bat - the features of the harpa design without beads, slightly flat feeling in the hand and a super flat top, regardless of the different plastic compounds.

When cast hard, the harp maintains a hyzer line, even in the wind, and the hoop shape helps it stay where it hits. Launched on the Anhyzer, it will hold sales for a short time before kicking back and ending up on the Hyzer.


The 9 Best Disc Golf Clubs for Throwing (5)

flight ratings

  • speed: 4
  • Planar: 2
  • rotation: 0
  • Fade: 3

Popular Plastics:Exo Hard, Exo Soft, Vapor (Razor Claw)

(Video) The Best Disc For Every Speed (1-15)

Discmania's answer to the need for a true wind-fighting overstable putter, the Tactic was exactly what loyal Discmania pitchers were asking for. Eagle McMahon, arguably one of the oldest pitchers on the tour, chose the Tactic as one of his Tour Series discs and it's a staple in his bag.

With a flat top, flat rim and beadless design, the Tactic feels fast in your hand, yet this putter offers enough hyper-stability and kink resistance to not slip away from you on full-power pitches. Even in strong winds, the Tactic remains exceedingly stable and always paves the way for a Hyzer finish.

Check out the tactic on my favorite: Hard Exo PlasticHere.

Kastaplast Berg

The 9 Best Disc Golf Clubs for Throwing (6)

flight ratings

  • speed: 1
  • Planar: 1
  • rotation: 0
  • Fade: 2

Popular Plastics:K1, K1 soft, K1 gloss

Kastablast Berg is by far one of the most unique records on this list. With an extremely blunt rim shape and almost no slippage, the Berg is a disc golf club best known for its short flight and ability to be hit hard without capsizing, no matter how strong the wind is blowing. is one of the fewtops of puddlesnot market.

The ridge fades in hard and settles close to where it bottoms out, limiting ground movement and making it ideal for fast, compacted greens with near-basket hazards.

Best neutral driving putters

The neutral putter is one of the most overlooked options when looking for a reliable driving putter. While they require more effort and finesse to throw with power, the accuracy is exponential. These putters will be more similar in shape and feel to traditional putters, and most of them

Discmania P2

The 9 Best Disc Golf Clubs for Throwing (7)

flight ratings

  • speed: 2
  • Planar: 3
  • rotation: 0
  • Fade: 2

Popular Plastics:D Lines, S Lines, P Lines

Considered the best putter in disc golf, the Discmania P2 has been used by a large number of professional golfers throughout their career. The P2 has been a Discmania staple for a decade and a half and has served countless golfers as a putter, boarding putter or driving putter.

The P2 is a pearlless deep dish putter with a more classic putter shape. It's surprisingly resistant to tipping over when thrown hard, and has a consistent fade that pushes forward and limits ground action.

(Video) Best Discs for a Beginner in Disc Golf | Building a Beginner's Bag

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Inova Aviar

The 9 Best Disc Golf Clubs for Throwing (9)

flight ratings

  • speed: 2
  • Planar: 3
  • rotation: 0
  • Fade: 1

Popular Plastics:DX, KC Pro, JK Pro, Glow, Nexus

Be it the rimless putt and approach shape, or the rimmed X or driver shape, the Innova Aviar has been the most popular putter on the market since its launch. With 2 speeds with just 1 fade, the Aviar is easy to manipulate on any line for any technical or fine short distance riding. The rim's moderate depth ensures a comfortable grip for almost all hand sizes and clean releases.

Launched hard on a lightweight Hyzer, the Aviar flips flat and offers direct flight with a flat end. When played flat, it floats into a slight anhyzer and finishes right, perfect for controlled spin moves and club approach shots that need minimal fading.

My personal favorite is theNexus Aviar.

Discraft Mond

The 9 Best Disc Golf Clubs for Throwing (10)

flight ratings

  • speed: 3
  • Planar: 3
  • rotation: 0
  • Fade: 3

Popular Plastics:Big Z, rubber compound, CrystalZtal

Part of Discraft's line of Paul McBeth discs, the Luna has quickly become one of the most widely used putters on the market today, for both pitching and pitching. Like a traditional putter, the Luna has a rounded nose and moderate depth, providing a slow, controllable flight.

Slightly more stable than the Aviar, the Luna will have a straight flight ending in the moderate hyzer of a flat launch. The ability to aim and shoot with this disc means that a golfer of any skill level can choose their shot angle and rely on the disc to maintain that line throughout the entire flight path. In premium plastic compounds, the Luna can handle the extra torque when thrown off the tee.

Professional gambler Paul McBeth loves hisGrande Z Luna.

(Video) The Best Disc Golf Throws of 2021!

Thought space athletics practice

The 9 Best Disc Golf Clubs for Throwing (11)

flight ratings

  • speed: 3
  • Planar: 3
  • rotation: 0
  • Fade: 1

Popular Plastics:Aura, Ethos, Brightness

As Thought Space Athletics' flagship putting putter, the Praxis gives you control from tee to green. The durability of the high-quality synthetic compounds means this putter will stay in your bag round after round, maintaining the same pitch from throw after throw, and the spins on the Nebula Aura synthetic compound mean this is a putter to show your friends you can do. to show.

Practice flying is the sum of control and precision. It flies in a straight line with little effort and the shape of the rim allows the Praxis to land smoothly once it's on the ground without extra movement. Whether loose in the hyzer, flat or anhyzer, the practice maintains the angle throughout the entire flight. This disc can truly be called a "fairway finder".

You can get a practice on the plastic pictured aboveHere.


So what really is the best driving putter in disc golf? The answer is simple, whichever suits you best. Each current manufacturer has their own driving putter to choose from, so be sure there's one for you, whether it's a buttery smooth putter or something that can withstand powerful forehand hits.

In short, there is no such thing as a "best putter" to throw, as no two pucks are truly alike and every player's desires are a little different. Buy all putters online here at Reaper Disc Supply and get your next drive putter.

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Which disc in disc golf is the easiest to throw? ›

Diamond is the choice of disc for beginners, children and players with moderate arm speed. It is only produced in weights between 150g-160g, which makes it easy to throw and control. It has an understable flight path with good glide and slight fade.

What disc should I be throwing? ›

Disc golf doesn't have a rule about which disc you can throw at any point on the course. You can putt with a driver and drive with a putter if you want. As long as it's PDGA approved you can throw anything you want from anywhere on the course.

How far should a 9 speed disc go? ›

This type of disc ranges from speeds 6-9 and can reach distances of 250-400 ft. It is recommended to start off with fairways before you reach for a distance driver. Fairways also come in a multitude of stabilities, making them a versatile type of discs.

What is the most important disc in disc golf? ›

The Raptor is the reliable overstable fairway driver that every advanced player needs in the bag. The Raptor is a comfortable fit for the forehand grip with a low profile and relatively shallow rim depth. While it is an overstable disc with strong fade, power players should be able to get some turn and glide out of it.

What speed disc should I throw? ›

Disc golf throws generally fall into three categories and recommended disc speeds: Putts usually use low speed discs to maximize accuracy. Approaches and midrange shots usually use medium speed discs to balance speed and accuracy. Drives usually use higher speed discs to maximize distance.

How far can the average person throw a disc? ›

Typical Distance

A seasoned disc golfer with average power will generally max out around 400 feet/122 meters at most.

What disc would you use for the longest throw? ›

Additionally, just like putters and mid-ranges, drivers can be broken down into further sub-types: distance drivers and control/fairway drivers.
  • Generally speaking, drivers will be thrown the farthest by most players because they are designed specifically to do so.
  • fairway or control driver.
Jan 25, 2022

How do I make my arm speed faster in disc golf? ›

The best way that I've found to surprisingly increase arm speed is by using something as simple as a golf towel. By taking the towel in your throwing hand, reaching your arm back as you were going to throw a drive and bringing the towel through with the arm swing with quick acceleration.

Do heavier discs fly farther? ›

Do Lighter Discs Fly Farther? Yes. Generally, you'll see lighter discs flying a greater distance due to two main reasons. One – The lighter weight of the disc helps the player to generate more arm speed, which translates into more distance.

What is the easiest distance driver to throw? ›

The Innova Roadrunner and Axiom Virus are both very understable distance drivers for beginners. These two discs' drastic turn and minimal fade make them especially easy for new players to throw.

How far should you be able to throw a midrange disc? ›

Typical midrange disc golf discs are wide with narrow rims and most amateur players use them to throw distances up to 300 feet/91.5 meters. Pros sometimes use them to throw distances 350 feet/107 meters or more. Learn more about the main characteristics of midrange disc golf discs below.

How many golfers can carry 300 yards? ›

Distribution Of Driving Distances

The majority of golfers average between 200 and 224 yards off the tee. Only 4% of golfers drive the ball over 300 yards.

How do you drive a ball 250 yards? ›

You'll need a minimum clubhead speed of around 89 mph just to hit a perfect ball 250. It's more like that you will need 92-94 if you are to live consistently around the 250 mark. At the minimum speed, you will need to find the center of the clubface most of the time.

What are the 3 rules of disc golf? ›

Basic Rules of Play for Disc Golf
  • Start from the teeing area. ...
  • Subsequent shots are played from behind the spot where the previous shot came to rest. ...
  • A run-up and follow through are allowed, but the player must release the disc before stepping past the lie.
  • A putt is a throw from within 10 meters (32.8 ft) of the target.

What are the 3 majors in disc golf? ›

PDGA Disc Golf World Championships (40) U.S. Disc Golf Championship (23) European Open (9)

Who is the best at putting in disc golf? ›

Best Putters in Pro Disc Golf: MPO 2022

Andrew Marwede's 92% is the new record for single-season C1X putting percentage in the UDisc Live era. The previous record was Corey Ellis' 90.3% from 2021.

What weight discs do pros throw? ›

A pro player might use a driver weight of under 170g if they are throwing with a tailwind, uphill, or need a more understable disc for the situation. The most common weight range for a driver thrown by a pro will be between 170g and 175g.

How far should a beginner throw in disc golf? ›

200 ft is not bad for a beginner. Also, don't just assume that you have a weenie arm and all is hopeless. Alot of players have major flaws, that if corrected/overcome, could dramitically increase their distance.

Why can't i throw a disc golf disc far? ›

Don't Throw Too High

Like having too much hyzer on a disc, releasing it too high will also make the disc fade too much too fast and ultimately, cause you to lose distance. As you practice, make sure you keep your shoulders as level as possible when you release with that flat angle!

How far can Paul McBeth throw? ›

Paul McBeth has thrown a Discraft Zeus to a distance of 600+ feet (182+ meters), this incredible throw was recorded in a video where McBeth was throwing “Simon lines”, he crushed a near perfect 360-backhand throw.

What disc is best for overhand throw? ›

The best disc for overhand throws is an Innova Destroyer. The Destroyer is a fast disc with high glide which helps on long overhand throws, but it also moves side to side less than most discs and is very consistent.

What disc is used for Tomahawk throw? ›

1. Infinite Discs Scepter. If you are an up-and-coming or intermediate disc golfer and wants to develop your tomahawk skill, then the Scepter disc is the right disc for you on the field. I consider this as the best disc for tomahawk throw because of its overstability and superior speed.

Which throw is better for long distance? ›

Most players would agree that using a backhand is the best throw for distance. While there are players that are able to throw a forehand further than a backhand, most players are throwing a backhand further most of the time. Let me reiterate.

How do you increase throwing distance in disc golf? ›

9 Tips for Better Disc Golf Driving Distance
  1. Improve Your Footwork. ...
  2. Pay Attention Upper Body Coordination. ...
  3. Find Your Power Pocket and Whip. ...
  4. Avoid Rounding. ...
  5. Work on Your Timing. ...
  6. Remember to Follow Through. ...
  7. Don't Be Afraid to Disc Down. ...
  8. Let the Disc Do the Work.
Nov 5, 2020

What makes a disc have more glide? ›

Discs with more dome (especially distance drivers and fairway drivers) tend to offer more glide, but also a bit more stability. This is why you often hear pros talking about looking for a good “pop-top” disc with a lot of dome and a flight plate they can pop in with their thumb while ripping a max distance throw.

What is the best disc weight for beginners? ›

Light discs, 150-159 grams, are the most suitable for beginners, kids, and in general to players who throw under 100 meters long shots. The light weight of a discs really shines in low speeds, or when thrown downwind and/or uphill.

Do pros throw lightweight discs? ›

If you watch distance competitions you'll see that top pros throw lower weight discs for extra distance.

What makes a driver hit farther? ›

The most important key in how to drive a golf ball further is to move the ball forward in your stance at set up so that you hit the ball with a neutral to upward angle of attack. Many golfers play their driver too far back in their stance like they are hitting an iron.

How far should the average person hit a driver? ›

At its core, the median driving distance is 219.55 yards. Other club distances of note: the median 3-wood goes 186.89 yards, 7-iron clocks in at 133.48 yards and pitching wedge at a 73.97 mark.

How far does a 20 handicapper hit a driver? ›

Golfers with a handicap between 13 and 20 average 200 yards.

Are lighter discs easier to throw? ›

Yes. Generally, you'll see lighter discs flying a greater distance due to two main reasons. One – The lighter weight of the disc helps the player to generate more arm speed, which translates into more distance.

Are MVP discs harder to throw? ›

MVP Signal - NeutronMVP's Description: The Signal is an extremely understable and relatively low-speed fairway driver, which makes it incredibly easy to throw for newer players.

What is the best forehand disc for beginners? ›

Some popular discs to forehand will be the Discmania MD3, Innova Caiman, and Discraft Buzzz. Each offers something different in the flight but they all share great stability. The Caiman will be overstable and can handle plenty of zip, the MD3 is straighter and still has that strong fade finish.

What are the best disc numbers for beginners? ›

The flight ratings are the four numbers on a disc golf disc that represent speed, glide, turn, and fade. For beginner discs, you want a low speed (1 to 7), high glide (5 to 8), high turn (-4 to -1), and low fade (0 to 2).

How far can a beginner throw a disc? ›

The shortest distance most players should even begin thinking about a distance driver is around 300 feet/91.5 meters. Throwing them at a distance less than that could result in catastrophic skips that do more harm than good.

What type of disc golf throw goes the farthest? ›

Additionally, just like putters and mid-ranges, drivers can be broken down into further sub-types: distance drivers and control/fairway drivers.
  • Generally speaking, drivers will be thrown the farthest by most players because they are designed specifically to do so.
  • fairway or control driver.
Jan 25, 2022

Who hits hardest forehand? ›

Honourable mentions go to Andy Murray (who holds the world record for the fastest forehand ever hit at 124mph), Fernando Verdasco, James Blake, Andrey Rublev, Benoit Paire and Robin Haase.

How do I hold my forehand for most power? ›

To grip the racquet with a full western grip, hold the racquet with your left hand at the neck of the racquet with your strings facing down. Grip the side of the racquet. When you make contact with the ball on your forehand using a full western grip, your hand will be under the racquet with your palm facing up.

What discs are best for hyzer flips? ›

The 10 Best Hyzer Flip Discs Reviewed
  • Legacy Patriot. ...
  • Discraft Stalker. ...
  • Innova TL3. ...
  • Kastaplast Falk. Flight Ratings. ...
  • Innova Sidewinder. Flight Ratings. ...
  • MVP Impulse. Flight Ratings. ...
  • Prodigy D3 Max. Flight Ratings. ...
  • Summary. When it comes to hyzer flip shots, you really can't go wrong with any understable disc golf disc.
Dec 8, 2022

How many discs should I carry? ›

How Many Discs Should I Have In My Bag? As a beginner, you should only be carrying around 6-8 discs in your bag. Again, these are the distance, mid-range, putter, and optional fairway driver. Also, carrying a spare of each is a good idea in case of a lost disc.

What are the 3 common discs used in disc golf? ›

There is a wide variety of discs used in disc golf and they are generally divided into three categories: putters, all-purpose mid-range discs, and drivers.


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