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Fine hotels + resorts -programm:Fine Hotels + Resorts®(FHR) The advantages of the program are available for new reserves created by American Express Travel with participating properties and are only valid for the consumption, economic and corporate blankets of the United States justified®Members and Centurion®Members (Delta Skymiles®Plate card members are not justified).Reservations should be made with a legitimate card and pay with this card or other American express®Card issued in the name of the authorized card holder and that card owner must travel to the reserved itinerary.Average total value of the benefits of the program based on the reserves of the previous year for two -night stays;The real value varies.Check-in at noon and room improvements are subject to availability and will be provided at the time of check-in;Certain room categories are not eligible for improvements.The type of experience of experience varies according to the article;The experience of experience has eligible rates until the amount of the experience of experience.It is recommended to reserve in advance for certain experience credits.The type and value of the daily breakfast (for two) varies according to the accommodation;Breakfast costs a minimum of $ 60 per room per day.If the wifi cost is included in a mandatory accommodation rate, a daily loan of that amount of check-out will be applied.The benefits are per room, per stay (with a three -bedroom limit per stay).The consecutive stays reserved in the same hotel by a single card owner, the card holders that are staying in the same room or the card holders that travel in the same group within 24 hours are considered a stay andThey are not eligible for additional FHR benefits ("prohibited action").American Express and the property reserve the right to modify or withdraw any benefit from FHR at any time without prior notice if we or they determine, to our exclusive criteria, that you may have participated in some prohibited activity or may be subject to abuse,abuse or gambling in connect to its benefits of FHR.Performance limitations vary according to property.The benefits cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be combined with any other offer unless otherwise indicated.The services must be used during the reserved stay.All applicable credits will be charged at the time of the check-out in US dollars or its equivalent in the local currency.The benefits, participating hotels and availability and comforts in these hotels are subject to changes.

The hotels collection program:The advantages of the Hotels (THC) collection are available for new reservations of two consecutive nights or more by American Express Travel with participating properties and are only valid for the gold card of the US card. UU. Platinum card, the cardPlatinum®and centurion®Members (Delta Skymiles®The members of the Gold and Platinum card are not justified).Reservations should be made with a legitimate card and pay with this card or other American express®Map on the name of the authorized card holder exhibited, and this card owner must travel on the reserved travel route. The update of the room is subject to availability and is provided with check-in.justified for updates. The type of experience varies according to the object; the experience of experience is counted for justified rates of up to $ 100. A reserve for certain adventure credits is recommended. Power restrictions vary according to the accommodation. The advantages are appliedby room and stay (with a limit of three bedrooms per stay). The serrative stays, which are reserved by a single card member, card members spent in the same room or card members that travel inside24 hours of the same group in the same hotel and have no right to a stay ("prohibited action"). American Express and property reserved the right of changear or revoke the advantages of THC at any time without prior notice if we or you find our or single discretion that was involved in a forbidden action or in abuse, abuse or game in relation to your THC Advantages. The advantages cannot be redeemedagainst cash and cannot be combined with other offers, unless otherwise indicated. Services must be used during the reserved stay. All applicable credits are compensated with the output in USD or the corresponding equivalent in the state currency., participating hotels, as well as the availability and equipment of these hotels can change.

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Hotel credit of $ 200:You can earn up to 200 US dollars at explanation points per calendar year if you use a legitimate consumption of the United States -Platin or an additional platinum card to pay fine hotels legitimate prepaid + resorts®and the reserves of the American Express Travel Hotels collection (that is,, the amex®Application or calling the phone number on the back of your legitimate card) or if you use an additional legitimate gold card on a platinum card account to pay legitimate prepaid reserves for the collection of hotels by American Express Travel (that is,, the amex®Application or calling the phone number on the back of your legitimate card).®Programs reserves can only be made through the legitimate -American consumer plants and additional platinum card members.®Plate card members do not have to use the explanation credits, a member of the eligible card must make a new reservation with their legitimate card through American Express Travel on July 1, 2021, which is described in advance ( like now"AmexTravel.comand the AMEX application) for a qualified stay in a fine hotels of fine and participants available or the hotels collection.The hotel collection reserve requires a minimum stay of two consecutive nights.The information -Umules is entitled to the total amount of the explanatory loan for choosing however, purchases will not exceed $ 200 in the card account per calendar year.To be approved.American Express is based on the fact that the concessionaire processes the transactions within the same calendar year in which the Prepaid Reserve has made to deliver the explanation the calendar year in which it was destined.G of the year carries out a legitimate prepaid reserve, but the distributor will only process this transaction the next day, the explanation available in the next year will apply to the card account.If the purchase is entitled.If the reservation is canceled or changed.Constant reserves do not contain any interest, cancellation rates, real estate rates or similar rates or rates for a property for you (either for your reservation, your stay or any other way).Wait up to 90 days after a legitimate rate has been initiated in the map account so that the appropriate instructions for the instructions are published in the map account.Can your card account at the time of the loan declaration, it is not canceled or due in the past.If American Express does not receive any information that your transaction identifies as justified, does not receive instructions loans.The reservation is not made with a legitimate card.The participating properties and their availability can information about Fine Hotels + Resorts or the Hotel Collection.

5x points for platinum card:Will receive 1 membership rewards®Show for every dollar that is calculated for legitimate purchases on your platinum card®By American Express and 4 additional points (for a total of 5 points) for each dollar, which has been calculated for legitimate trips on this card ("additional points"), cancellations and credits.On planned flights, up to $ 500,000 rates per calendar year, which were reserved directly with Passenger Airlines or through American Express Travel (in the telephone number 1-800-525-3355 or;(Ii) reserves of professional hotels that were reserved by American Express Travel;and (iii) Packages of proxicle+flight hotel that were reserved forAmexTravel.comAuthorized travel purchases do not include: charter flights, private flights to reaction, flights that are part of the routes, cruises or travel packages (except the prepaage Flight+hotel hotel, Similar service tickets or rates, ticket control or exchange rates, real estate rates or similar rates, reservations or events, interest costs or purchase of cash equivalents.Fondable prepaid hotel reserves or prepaid flight reserves+hotel that are changed directly with the hotel cannot be available for additional points can be considered.You have no right to coverage points.

Your platinum card®American Express will grant 4 additional points (for a total of 5 points) in the first $ 500,000 of eligible air purchases for scheduled flights directly reserved with a passenger airline or through American Express Travel (calling 1-800-525-3355 or inUp per calendar year.

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Codes are assigned to dealers, based on what they mainly sell. We group certain dealer codes in categories that are suitable for additional may not receive any additional points if we receive inaccurate information or otherwise cannot identify your purchase as a claim to an additional point category.Services for Vender.

Please information about rewards.

5x points for business platinum card:You will receive one point for every dollar that is calculated for a legitimate purchase in your commercial platinum card®From American Express.It obtains 4 additional points (for a total of 5 points) for each dollar spent on authorized travel purchases.Legitimate travel purchases include planned flights and prepaid flight packages+online, less return and other, less return and other credits.Consultant travel purchases do not contain unregistered hotel reservations, planned flights and prepaid flights+hotel packages by phone, vacation packages, car rentals, cruises, reservations or events, ticket service, cancellations or other rates, costsInterest, purchases, purchases, buyers of buyers, purchases or recharge of prepaid cards or purchases of other cash equivalents.®Point®To change a reserve.AmexTravel.comor by a teacher representativeAmexTravel.comTo 1-800-297-2977.Cancellation of the hotel cancellation strategies for cancellation.If hotel reservations are made directly with the hotel supplier, the reservation is not an option for these membership rewards 5 times®Points advantage.Advanced points for air, the Prepaga hotel and travel packages will be accredited between 10 and 12 weeks after the final payment of the membership account for the scope of the member.It should not be combined with this advantage.He who chooses, calls the number on the back of his card.

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Codes are assigned to distributors, depending on what they sell mainly.We group certain distributor codes into categories that are suitable for additional points.You may not receive any additional point if we receive inaccurate information or we cannot identify your purchase as a claim to a claim to an additional points category.For example, for sale.Or a concessionaire uses a third -party provider to process or send us its transaction (for example, with mobile or wireless card readers).Wallet

Please information about rewards.

Pay with points:To use Pay With Points, you must reward your legitimate purchase by American Express Travel for membership®Programmsteuerer American Express®Map's purchases by American Express Travel do not exclude the question of cars and non -priority hotels.The points are debited by their member member account member, and the credit for the amount of the corresponding dollar is issued to the American Express card account used.Cover the total amount, the amount of the purchase price remains in the American Express card account.5,000 points.

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If a rate for a purchase in a salary in the time balance is contained in its linked account, the statement associated with this rate cannot be applied for this amount of remuneration over the time balance.If you think this has happened, communicate us calling the number on the back of your card.

General terms and conditions for membership bonds®Program application.VisitedMembershipRewards.comFor more information.Participants and available rewards can change without warning.The value of premium membership points varies according to the use of how to use

American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc., acts exclusively as a sales employee for travel adjusters and is not responsible for inappropriate measures or suppliers.IncentivesFor more information,

Kalifornien CST#1022318; Washington Ubi#600-469-694

© American Express.

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