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One of the biggest concerns for server owners is lag. The lag can have many causes, either from the resources you add to your server or the hardware your server runs on. Fortunately, if you host withAppendix, the hardware shouldn't be a problem.
There are many ways to reduce the lag on your server.

You can havecomplementsThis can help reduce lag, you can upgrade your server RAM, change your jar to a more optimized version of minecraft, optimize your files, and much more.

With all these options, you may be wondering what causes the lag and what you need to do to get rid of it. There are a few different types of lag that can occur, such as TPS lag, latency, and FPS. In this guide, we'll break down the different types of lag and the best way to mitigate it in yourminecraft server.

Types of Delay

Server delay (TPS)

The overall performance of the server is represented by itsTPS(Ticks per second). The TPS of a server is like a heartbeat. Your server ticks at a fixed rate of 20 ticks per second, so one tick every 0.05 seconds.

With each tick, various aspects of the server move a little further; Mobs move, grass grows, animals breed, almost everything that happens on the server depends on ticks. When you are at maximum performance, 20 TPS, you will experience normal gameplay without any server-side lag. But if your server's TPS starts to drop, you'll start to notice lag while playing.

What happens on the server, as well as the hardware it runs on, plays a large role in determining the TPS of the server. Incorrect server management can be just as harmful as inadequate hardware.

When adding mods or plugins, you should think about the long-term effects of your choices. Many new server owners will mistakenly assume that the number of people on their servers will be the only thing that determines their performance. The number of players on the server can have an effect, but it is relatively small compared to the impact of redstone machines, mob farms, and mods/addons. The main cause of TPS drops is a result of what is happening in your world at any given time.

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Client Lag (FPS)

Minecraft server optimization (2)

Having low FPS often makes your game sluggish. If the frame rate is low enough, playing games can be like watching a slideshow. Having a low frame rate on your server does not mean that the server is lagging, but rather that your computer is not keeping up with the game. If you are experiencing consistently low frame rates on your PC, you may need to adjust your game settings, update your drivers, or upgrade your graphics card, RAM, or CPU.

It is very important that you know that there is a difference betweenserver lagand low FPS. There are times when low FPS and server lag can appear at the same time. You might think that the FPS is due to server lag, but it's usually a separate issue from the device you're running the game on.

There are several ways to fix low FPS without having to upgrade your hardware. In minecraft you can go to video settings and turn down all features. For example, you can turn clouds off so your computer doesn't have to try to render them. It's also a good idea to close other processes running in the background that you don't need. This frees up resources that your computer can dedicate to the game. You can do this quickly by closing anything open on the taskbar.

Minecraft server optimization (3)

Another option is to switch to the High Performance plan in your device's power options. If you're on a Windows PC, you can do this by pressing Windows Key + X to open a new context menu. Then choose "Power Options" to open your settings. Change the power mode to "Best Performance".

Connection delay (ping)

The connection delay correlates to your ping. Ping refers to the network latency between your game and your server. This reflects the time in milliseconds that the data takes to process and travel. If you have a high ping, your connection to the server may be timing out. Having high ping is not something due to delay, but it causes delay. You may also crash the game due to instability.

Having a low ping is better as lower latency makes the game smoother. Typically, the further a server is from your physical location, the higher its ping will be. The best way to minimize this is to move your server closer to you and your players. Some factors that can affect the ping include the speed of the Internet connection, the quality of a user's Internet service provider, problems with the Minecraft server's network, and firewall settings.

Minecraft server optimization (4)

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Latency can change depending on network conditions and the state of the server you are connecting to. You can test how bad the latency will be on a server by "pinging" the server. This determines how long it takes for the server to receive a message and respond. There are a few ways to test your ping, we recommend using your command prompt. Open a terminal or command prompt (you can also do it with Windows + X) and type“ping IP al Servidor”. For example:"ping play.apexmc.co". The process can take a second to run, but you should see the average ping displayed after it's done.

Creating a time report

A time report allows you to monitor how long it takes your server to process an event. This allows you to see where lag issues can arise and cause the server's TPS to drop. To run a weather report, join your server and run the command/times activatedand after ~30 minutes run the command/pass times. This will give you a link, go ahead and click on it to open the report in your browser.

Reading a weather report

Minecraft server optimization (5)

The top section of the time report will have a simple graph showing your server's average TPS over time in five minute intervals. To the left of the graph is a brief summary of the server, including the average TPS. This is a great way to get a quick idea of ​​how your server is doing, but it doesn't tell you why your server is lagging. To diagnose the cause of the delay, you need to focus on the data in the section below the chart.

The bottom section of a time report is a complete breakdown, also called a "tree view," of each tick that occurred while the report was running. Each tree begins as a broad overview of what type of tick is occurring. The top tree of the list is usually a complete summary of the average ticks for the entire server. You can click on these trees to expand them for more detailed information with each layer. When you reach the end of the series of layers, you will be able to see which specific block or entity you are marking and how long it takes to mark.

By default, a time report will sort the information so that the processes that take the longest to dial appear first. These items are often the cause of any lag you may experience on the server. Reviewing the top trees in the list is the quickest way to identify the cause of your delay. Once you know the cause, you can go back to your server and remove it or edit your settings to reduce the impact.

Reading a weather report can be a bit intimidating at first. If you get stuck or aren't sure you're reading this correctly, he's got some really good resources to help clear up any confusion. your best option would becontact our supportequipment. All of our support agents are familiar with weather reports and can review them for you or guide you on how to read a report if you get stuck.

How to fix a slow minecraft server

Knowing how to optimize your server is vital to avoid server lag. Fortunately, there are many tools available for you to use to get the best possible performance from your server and even push it beyond its normal performance limits.

Elimination of Tick/Lag Machines

Redstone is a wonderful mechanic for creating almost any type of machine. However, having too many machines will cause problems. This will lower your TPS and cause lag for all players. The solution to this is to limit the machines and install anti-redstone-lag pluginslike this. Otherwise, try not to have too many automated farms, mob crushers, or anything else that involves complex redstone mechanics. Whenever possible, you should also include a method to shut down your machines and farms so they aren't running all the time and eating up your server resources.

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Pre-generating your world

A vital step to eliminate the backlog is global pregeneration. This must be done before anything else. The best way to do this is with theHeavyplug. All you have to do isinstall or connectand run the following commands:/coarse radius 5000followed by/ thick start.

This will pre-generate a 5000 block radius around your world generation. The server will be very slow while the process is running, but once it completes, your performance will improve dramatically. You can increase the radius as much as you want, but we recommend keeping it below 20,000 blocks. Any higher and you could create more delay than you're avoiding.

One option that is beneficial for shrinking any type of Minecraft server is thesee distancefrom the server.properties file. Any number between 6 and 8 should help optimize the server without hindering gameplay. When changing the display distance, it is also recommended to change the "Network Compression Threshold" to 64 and the "Max Label Time" to -1 to further improve overall performance.

if you are runningTapor Vanilla, we recommend changing toPaper. Paper has a large number of optimization and anti-cheat features to provide excellent performance.

Optimizing your configuration files

Minecraft server optimization (6)

Some of the main files you'll want to modify to really optimize your server are Bukkit.yml, Paper-world-defaults.yml, and Spigot.yml. Here's what settings you'll want to change to get the best possible performance with the least effect on your gameplay.

To use these settings, stop the server in the control panel and click the tabs below to display the optimized settings for each file. These files can be found in the FTP File Access tab of your control panel. However, the paper files are located in the "config" directory. You can open them in the online web editor by clicking the "edit" button to the right of the file. When you are done editing, click the green "Save" button and restart the server for the changes to take effect.

Bukkit. yml

spawn limits: monsters: 50 animals: 8 aquatic animals: 7 aquatic environments: 10 underground aquatic creatures: 5 environments: 1chunk-gc: period in ticks: 400 ticks per: animal spawns: 400 monster spawns: 5 water spawns : 11 water-environment-spawn: 21 groundwater-creature-spawn: 11 environment-spawn: 31 autosave: 6000


save-user-cache-on-stop-only: true max-tick-time: mosaico: 10 entidad: 20 mob-spawn-range: 6 entidad-activation-range: animales: 16 monstruos: 24 asaltantes: 48 misc: 8 agua: 16 aldeões: 24 monstros voadores: 24 merge-radius: exp: 4.0 item: 6.0 tick-inactive-villagers: false nerf-spawner-mobs: true arrow-despawn-rate: 300 trident-despawn-rate: 300


max-auto-save-chunks-per-tick: 6 optimize-explosions: true disable-peito-cat-detection: true max-entity-collisions: 2 container-update: 3 grass-spread: 4 mob-spawner: 3 despawn -range (em 1.18+, use this setting for all despawn intervals.) soft: 28 hard: 96 hopper: cooldown- when-full: true disabled-move-event: true non-player-arrow-despawn-rate: default creative -arrow despawn rate: default movement prevention to downloaded shards: true redstone implementation: armor supports EIGENCRAFT: collision entity quests: false tick: false mob spawn per player: true alt -item-despawn -rate: activated: true items: COBBLESTONE: 300 NETHERRACK: 300 SAND: 300 DIRT: 300 GRAVEL: 300 anti-xray: activated: false engine-mode: 2


changing the basisserver filesit's not the only way to reduce or eliminate lag. There are many plugins available created for the sole purpose of reducing lag. If you know which ones to use, you may find that the lag can be significantly reduced on your server after installing a plugin or two. Here is a list of plugins that we most frequently recommend to our users.

Marauders Limit(1.14+)
optimized village(1.14.2+)
combo mobs(Premium, 1.7+)
Entity Tracker Fixer(1.14+)
farm limiter(Premium, 1.7+)
mafia farm manager(Premium, 1.7+)
delay assistance(Premium 1.8+)
spark - spark(1,8+)
Armor Support Limiter(1,8+)

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These plugins are not guaranteed to completely stop the lag on your server, but they can help a lot. If you don't know how to install plugins on your Minecraft server, we have aeasy guidefor you to follow.

core optimization

The performance improvement of your Bedrock server is limited by design, but there are some settings you can apply to increase this.

  1. go to youApex Server Dashboard, then in the upper left corner, clickFTP file accessand the password of your panel
  2. find theserver.propertiesfile and pressto editto the right, copy and paste these options into the file on new lines:

    Observation:If you already see one or more of these settings in the file, change the values ​​accordingly.

  3. then pressSaveno rat andResumethe server from the main panel.

View distance determines how many shards the player can see, saving server resources. Mark distance controls how many pieces are marked away from the player, which also helps with resource usage. The max threads setting determines the maximum number of threads used by the server, which if set to 0 will attempt to use all of them. These changes should optimize your Bedrock server and produce better performance. However, if you still encounter problems, it is recommended to limit activity in your world. Alternatively, you can implementGeezerwithinPaperserver for better performance and allow Bedrock connections.


One of the most important aspects of having a server is making sure that it is well-optimized and without lag. When players join a server, they don't expect to experience lag issues. You can't always control the delay they experience on the client side, but there are many things you can do to avoid the delay on the server side.

If you are running aVanilla Minecraft Server, you might think that you will not have a delay. After all, it is the base version of the game. Unfortunately, the base game doesn't offer many optimization options and can be very slow as a result. The latest updates like 1.17+ have made the game much more resourceful. Switching to Paper or one of its forks like Purpur or Airplane will drastically improve your performance. Following this guide after switching to Paper will further improve performance, keep your players happy, and keep your server lag-free.

Start your Minecraft server

Get started with your own Minecraft server in 5 minutes and start experiencing these great features.

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How do I optimize my Minecraft server performance? ›

All you have to do is install the plugin and run the following commands: /chunky radius 5000 followed by /chunky start . This will pre-generate a 5,000 block radius around your world spawn. The server will lag heavily while the process is running, but once it is done your performance will improve dramatically.

What is a good TPS Minecraft? ›

Your server's TPS should be around 19-20 for your server to run at its optimal speed. Your Minecraft server will run at view distance of 10 by default. We recommend changing your view distance to 6, this will not make any noticeable difference to players, but this can hugely help your server performance.

Why am I so laggy on Minecraft servers? ›

Common reasons for lag:

- Too many players and not enough RAM. - Too many mobs/items and not enough RAM. - You are too far away from your server. - Too many worlds are running on your server without sufficient RAM.

How do I optimize my server performance? ›

What are the Top Server Optimization Methods?
  1. Website Caching. One of the most effective server optimization tips is to enable caching. ...
  2. Virtualization. ...
  3. Database Optimization. ...
  4. Content Delivery Network. ...
  5. Decrease Your CSS and JavaScript Files. ...
  6. Optimize Image Sizing. ...
  7. Use Fewer Plugins. ...
  8. Taking Advantage of Prefetching.
Dec 12, 2021

How do I allocate more RAM to my minecraft server? ›

Allocate more RAM with the default launcher
  1. Start the Minecraft launcher and go to the installation tab.
  2. Go to the three dots next to your version and select “Edit”.
  3. Find “JVM Arguments” in the Java settings, hidden under “More options”.
  4. Change the command “-Xmx2G” to “-Xmx[desired amount of RAM in gigabytes]G”.

What is server optimization? ›

The use of certain IT methods to increase the efficiency of data processing, application distribution and overall server performance. Usual practices for strengthening server performance include the consolidation of physical hardware within a data center and the technique of server virtualization.

Is 20 a good TPS? ›

Ideally each tic should take no more than 50ms to maintain 20 Tics Per Second (TPS). This can go as low as 55.55ms for 18 TPS with minimal issues. Any lower than this and you will begin to see lag.

Is 20 TPS good in Minecraft? ›

When at peak performance, 20 TPS, you'll receive nominal gameplay without any server-side lag. But if your servers TPS drops, even by several ticks, you'll begin to notice lag on the server.

Is 15 TPS good? ›

Very good - 20, good 18.5, acceptable 17, bad 16, terrible 10. Ideally you want 20 at all times. 17 is barely acceptable.

Why is Minecraft really laggy on a good computer? ›

Major lag-causing issues and solutions

1) If players are playing on a wireless connection, move closer to the wireless access point to improve the link. If this doesn't help, utilizing a wired connection such as connecting your PC to the access point via an ethernet cable can stabilize and improve connection speed.

How much RAM do you need for a Minecraft server? ›

At least 1 GB of RAM allocated for the server to run ( -Xmn 128M -Xmx 1G ). If you are using Windows or a desktop-based Linux distribution, you should have at least 1 GB of additional physical RAM in the computer, so the graphics on the desktop don't become laggy.

What causes server lag? ›

Lag is Caused by High Latency & Ping Rate

The signal travels to the server. The lower the ping rate, the less likely the game is to lag. A high ping rate, on the other hand, causes lag.

What tool helps server performance? ›

Dynatrace is a full-fledged server performance monitoring tool available in both software as a service (SaaS) and on-site models. With the ability to monitor server metrics as well as server logs, Dynatrace should meet most of your monitoring needs.

How do I optimize my CPU performance? ›

Techniques for Optimizing CPU Performance
  1. Reducing CPU Time By Using More Memory or Reducing I/O.
  2. Storing a Compiled Program for Computation-Intensive DATA Steps.
  3. Reducing Search Time for SAS Executable Files.
  4. Specifying Variable Lengths.
  5. Using Parallel Processing.
Jun 23, 2022

What affects server speed? ›

Speed is dependent on several factors: Bandwidth of your internet connection. Number of other users and/or applications using the bandwidth on your local network. Your contention ratio.

How much RAM should I give Minecraft if I have 32gb? ›

1. How much RAM do I need to dedicate to Minecraft? The recommended amount of RAM for Minecraft is 4GB. However, if you are running a server or playing on a computer with less memory, we recommend that you allocate at least 8GB of RAM to Minecraft.

How much RAM should I allocate to Minecraft if I have 8 gigs? ›

If you're playing Minecraft without mods, 3GB should be plenty. If you're using mods, you should probably allocate 4–5GB and close other programs: you're going to end up using most of your physical RAM and you want to avoid Minecraft using virtual memory.

How do I allocate 5GB of RAM to Minecraft? ›

Here's what to do:
  1. Launch the ATLauncher and click on the Settings tab (on the right-side menu pane).
  2. Click on the Java/Minecraft tab on the top navigation bar. ...
  3. Select the Maximum Memory/RAM drop-down selection and adjust it to your desired memory allocation using the arrows.
Nov 16, 2020

Why optimization is required? ›

The purpose of optimization is to achieve the “best” design relative to a set of prioritized criteria or constraints. These include maximizing factors such as productivity, strength, reliability, longevity, efficiency, and utilization.

How do I increase server traffic? ›

Lighten the load for pages expecting more visits by excluding images or Flash wherever possible. Use text instead of images in the site navigation and put most of the content in HTML. Choose static HTML pages over dynamic ones as the latter places more load on your servers.

What considered optimization? ›

WHAT IS OPTIMIZATION? Optimization problem: Maximizing or minimizing some function relative to some set, often representing a range of choices available in a certain situation. The function allows comparison of the different choices for determining which might be “best.”

What is the average TPS in 2b2t? ›

The TPS of 2b2t is 20 TPS just after a reset, and usually drops to anywhere between 20 and 10 TPS on a normal day.

What is the default TPS in Minecraft? ›

A tick is the cycle of a gameplay (loops) and it is automatically set to 20 ticks/second in Minecraft. This is also described as TPS (ticks per second).

How do you check TPS lag in Minecraft? ›

Server lag is usually measured when a server's Ticks per Second (TPS) begins to drop. You can view your server's TPS by using the command /tps for a Spigot/Paper server.

Is 30 FPS OK for Minecraft? ›

What is a good Minecraft FPS? That depends on the level of performance you are satisfied with. 30-60 FPS would be on the low end of the scale, while 144 FPS and above would be on the high end.

How much TPS should a server have? ›

A given Minecraft server operates at a fixed rate of 20 ticks per second or one tick every 0.05 seconds. This is pretty standard for the game. Several things happen with each tick (mobs move, grass grows, crops grow), so it's important to maintain a healthy TPS. If TPS drops, the server will have serious issues.

Is 300 FPS good in Minecraft? ›

Like if there are a lot of mobs near you, or if you are spinning around super fast, or something like that, you will always lose fps. Although is you are hitting 300 fps, thrn you are doing pretty good where you are at.

What is the best tick speed Minecraft? ›

The default tick speed, which is 20 ticks per second, is considered the best tick speed for most Minecraft servers and single-player worlds.

Is 16 GB of RAM good for a Minecraft server? ›

The bigger it is, the more RAM you should get. 16GB EX Series – For very large/advanced communities and extreme modpacks or plugins, this is the plan you are looking for.

How much RAM and CPU do I need for Minecraft server? ›

It is recommended that you have a minimum of 3 GB of physical ram in your computer. 5–12 gb is recommended, especially if you are hosting a large amount of people. If you are hosting over 1000 people a day, then you should have a minimum of 16 gb of ram.

Is 10 GB of RAM enough for a Minecraft server? ›

Keep in mind, mods are usually more resource-intensive than plugins and you should therefore account for more ram. Regardless of version, modded servers should not run below 3-5 GB of ram and at least 9-10 GB of ram for 1.18 modded servers or versions closer to the latest versions of Minecraft Java.

What is the average TPS in Minecraft? ›

Minecraft runs at a fixed 20.00 TPS. If too many things are happening at once, a server's TPS drops below this value, and causes what players call "server lag" which causes for normal functions of Minecraft to be delayed or to malfunction.

What is the normal RTS in Minecraft? ›

Minecraft's game loop normally runs at a fixed rate of 20 ticks per second, so one tick happens every 0.05 seconds. An in-game day lasts exactly 24000 ticks, or 20 minutes.

Is Lower TPS better? ›

TPS is the number of ticks per second, the closer to 20 your TPS is the lower the server side lag is. You dont want to lower your TPS because that would be increasing the amount of server side lag.

What is a high TPS? ›

Transactions per second (TPS) refers to the number of transactions a particular blockchain can handle per second. Higher speeds mean higher payment efficiency, possibly at the expense of decentralization.

How many spigot ticks per second? ›

Minecraft's game loop runs on ticks. There are 20 ticks in 1 second, meaning that one tick should happen every 50 milliseconds.

How do you increase tick speed? ›

Type in the command for increasing tick speed. Speed in Minecraft is controlled by a measurement known as ticks. The command we input increases how often the ticks happen and therefore increases the speed. The command to type in is /gamerule randomTickSpeed #.

Is it better to have more TPS? ›

TPS = Ticks per second, RAM usually does not effect TPS, if you run out of RAM your server will just usually crash without any lag. 20 TPS is the maximum TPS, and thats what you should aim for. If its below 15, you will notice lag. Your ping latency and your TPS have got NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER.

How do I check my TPS f3 server? ›

Pressing Alt + F3 now shows TPS (ticks per second).

What does * 20 TPS mean? ›

TPS is how many times certain things in the game updates. By default, Minecraft updates 20 times per second. Each update is called a tick. " Ticks Per Second"

Is 60 fps in Minecraft good? ›

What is a good Minecraft FPS? That depends on the level of performance you are satisfied with. 30-60 FPS would be on the low end of the scale, while 144 FPS and above would be on the high end.

How long is 1 tick in Minecraft? ›

One Minecraft tick usually lasts for 0.05 seconds (50 milliseconds) in the real world. With that logic, a day-night cycle in Minecraft lasts for 24000 ticks or 20 minutes.

What are the best performance settings for Minecraft? ›

  • Turning down your render distance.
  • Change your graphics setting from 'Fancy' to 'Fast'
  • Turn off Smooth Lighting and Clouds.
  • Reduce your FOV if it was increased.
  • Set particles to minimal.
  • Turn off vsync (may be dependent on global video card settings)
  • Disable Mipmaps.
  • Disable Biome Smoothing.


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