Daikin ductless minisplit systems prices (2023)

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Daikin is a multinational air conditioning company headquartered in Osaka, Japan. Founded over 90 years ago, Daikin is known for pioneering innovations in the air conditioning market. In fact, Daikin claims to have developed the first portless mini-split.

If you are considering a Daikin mini split for your home, read on to find the best model for your needs.

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Overview of Daikin mini split systems

Daikin Mini-Splits are designed to heat and cool houses (or parts of houses).has no sanitary facilities. They can also be used in conjunction with systems such as central heating and air conditioning, a stove or wood burning stove.

Mini-Splitstypically consist of an external compressor and an internal evaporator cabinet. They are connected to each other by cooling pipes and electrical lines. Depending on the season, the compressor heats or cools the air. It then pushes air into the house through the evaporator.

Installation of the Daikin Mini Split is generally a simple process. compared to other types of heating and cooling systems. An evaporator can be mounted indoors anywhere hot or cold air is required. Your installer will create an opening about 3 inches in diameter in an exterior wall. The installer then routes the wiring from the evaporator (indoor unit) to the compressor (outdoor unit) through the opening. This means there is no structural impact on your home.

Find a local HVAC professional for the mini-split installation

What you should know about mini splits

When shopping for a mini split, look for the following features.

  • Number of zones:multi-zone systems,ductless Mini-Splits, come with a single compressor and multiple evaporators to heat or cool different areas of your home.
  • AC vs Heat Bomb:Daikin mini split air conditioners can cool your space. However, Daikin mini-split heat pump products cool and heat.
  • SEER rating:MAGICmeans seasonal energy efficiency index. Ratings generally range from 13 to 21 for modern AC units. The higher the number, the more efficient the system.
  • HSPF rating:HSPFmeans seasonal heat output number. In general, the HSPF should be between 8 and 13 for a new heater. A larger number means better efficiency.

Daikin multi-zone mini-split units

Daikin multi-zone mini-split systems are available to heat or cool larger spaces. They also help users keep different areas at different temperatures. With a Daikin multi-zone mini-split system, you can create up to eight separate zones with a single outdoor compressor.

Daikin multi-zone mini-split systems work with a variety of indoor evaporators including wall and floor mounted cabinets and ceiling mounted cassettes. You can choose which vaporizer works best in each room and control it independently.

Daikin mini split prices

The cost of a Daikin mini split depends on several factors such as: e.g.:

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  • Your location
  • Installation factors unique to your home
  • The dealer where you bought the system

In general, a Daikin single zone mini split air conditioner ranges from US$400 to US$700. The cost of a Daikin single zone mini split heat pump is a major investment of US$600 to US$2,500.

Daikin multi-zone mini split system prices depend on the number of indoor units and outdoor compressor you choose. Some retailers offer special packages. For example, a popular online retailer offers a package consisting of a compressor and three Daikin Emura wall-mounted units for $5,879.

AccordinglyHomeAdvisor, the cost for a professional to install an HVAC system ranges from $300 to $1,500. Additional vaporizers can add $300 to $1,000 to the cost.

How does the Daikin mini-split compare to the competition?

Daikin is known for high quality, reliable and affordable HVAC systems. However, some industry experts believe that the company does not offer the most advanced features and technology compared to its competitors.

Daikin x Mitsubishi

Daikin systems tend to be slightly cheaper than Mitsubishi's. Comparing mini splits, Daikin ones have better heating efficiency.

MitsubishiMini splits operate more quietly and can operate in cooler outside temperatures (-15℉). Mitsubishi also has a better reputation for reliability. Both brands offer the industry's best warranty for many devices, a 12-year limited parts warranty.

Daikin vs. Trane

Mitsubishi and Trane established a joint venture in 2018 to combine the strengths of the two companies and develop high-quality mini-split systems. So compare Daikin's mini splits toTraneyou get the same result as with Mitsubishi.

The Trane-Mitsubishi name has a strong reputation for equipment reliability. While Daikin is likely to cost less upfront (depending on your dealership), durability and tech points go to Trane-Mitsubishi.

Daikin vs Carrier

Daikin's range of mini-split systems is much larger than that ofOperator. If you need a tailor-made heating or cooling solution for your home, you are better off with Daikin.

However, you pay more for a Daikin system and the units are generally louder than Carrier's. If value or quietness are your buying criteria, Carrier is your brand.

When it comes to performance and quality, Daikin generally outperforms Carrier. Daikin air filtration generally represents the air better than Carrier's, which is particularly important for allergy sufferers.

Daikin is also praised for maintaining a consistently comfortable temperature better than Carrier.

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Daikin x Lennox

Daikin has more favorable reviews thanLenoxwhen comparing residential air conditioning systems. Also, their warranties on parts are generally longer and therefore more attractive.

It's generally more difficult to get replacement parts for Lennox HVAC systems, making Daikin a better investment for people planning to stay at home for long periods of time.

Consult an HVAC dealer to find out if a Daikin mini-split is right for your home.

Types of Daikin mini split air conditioners

ModelMAGICcoverage areaprice rangeSpare parts guarantee available
Series 17 for wall mountingbis 17250 – 1,600 square meters?10 year limited parts warranty
NV series wall mountBis 17.5N / D???10 year limited parts warranty
Series 19 for wall mountingbis 19250 – 1,600 square meters??12 year limited parts warranty

Series 17 Daikin Mini Split AC wall mounting

ÖDaikin 17 series split mini wall mountIt is a good alternative to a window air conditioner. Rather than blocking your view, this sleek, unobtrusive system mounts to the wall.

This device offers top-of-the-line features at an affordable price, including a digital display, an air-purifying filter, and an ultra-quiet fan.

We like that the high SEER rating and overall energy efficiency reduce cooling costs for users.

Daikin NV Series Mini Split AC Wall Mount

ÖDaikin NV series mini split air conditionerit's a newer, improved version of the 17 series. Most notably, it's equipped with a smart thermostat that you can set via Daikin's Comfort Control app.

In addition, the NV series is equipped with an "intelligent eye" that recognizes where people are in the room. The vaporizer changes the direction it blows from to ensure people don't get hit by the cold air.

We particularly like that this unit runs quietly and cools a room quickly.

Series 19 Daikin Mini Split AC wall mounting

ÖDaikin split mini air conditioner 19 seriesIt is a slightly updated version of the 17 series. It is ideal for cooling larger spaces such as living areas, basements and outbuildings.

Unlike the 17 series, you can control the Daikin 19 series with the Daikin Comfort Control app. It comes with a 12-year limited parts warranty, compared to the 10-year Series 17 warranty.

We appreciate the efficiency, reliability and quiet fan of the 19 series.

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Types of Daikin mini split heat pumps

ModelVIEWERSHSPFcoverage areaprice rangeSpare parts guarantee available
Daikin EMURA189.3250 – 1,200 square meters?12 year limited parts warranty
Series 17 for wall mounting179250 – 1,600 square meters??10 year limited parts warranty
Series 19 for wall mounting1910250 – 1,600 square meters??12 year limited parts warranty
Daikin Aurora – Bodenmontage2011.7250 – 1,600 square meters???12 year limited parts warranty
Daikin AURORA - wall mount20.312.5250 – 1,600 square meters???12 year limited parts warranty
LV series wall mount24,512.5250 – 1,600 square meters???12 year limited parts warranty
quaternity26.111250 – 1,200 square meters???12 year limited parts warranty
VISTA ceiling cassette20.911.7N / D??12 year limited parts warranty
NV series wall mount17.59.3N / D???10 year limited parts warranty

Daikin EMURA

Available in silver or matte white, theDaikin EMURAIt's an affordable system that heats and cools. Notable features include the ability to remotely control the mini-split, a built-in air-purifying filter, and a silent fan.

This is a reliable mini heat pump from Daikin. It operates silently and can really cool down a hot room.

Series 17 for wall mounting

Daikin presents itsWall mounted mini split heat pump Series 17as a replacement for a conventional window unit. This system's sleek evaporator is wall mounted with a compact, unobtrusive external compressor.

One of the most notable features of the 17 Series mini split heat pump is its self-diagnostic capability with a digital display.

Series 19 for wall mounting

ÖDaikin Series 19 wall mounted heat pumpIt is intended to heat and cool larger rooms within a house. It is perfect for spaces not adequately served by the current HVAC system, garages or outbuildings.

The 19 series is more robust than the 17 series, can be controlled remotely with the Daikin app and has a better guarantee. It is a reliable device at an attractive price.

Daikin Aurora – Bodenmontage

ÖDaikin AURORA – floor mounting systemIt was designed to replace HVAC systems and window heaters. It can stand on the floor or be mounted low on a wall. Many users choose to install it just below a window.

We like the slim front panel and the ease of use of the vaporizer.

Find a local HVAC professional for the mini-split installation

Daikin AURORA - wall mount

ÖDaikin AURORA - wall mounted mini split heat pumpIt is similar to the floor mount version but with a smaller atomizer body. It is wall mounted and blends more seamlessly into your interiors.

We appreciate the efficiency of this system as well as its filter that purifies and deodorizes the air.

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LV series wall mount

ÖLV series wall mountis one of the company's best mini-split heat pump systems. It has earned the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient rating and helps users significantly reduce their energy bills. It also features an intelligent eye and self-oscillating vents that improve airflow and direct it away from people in the room.

If you're ready to make a big investment in your heating and cooling comfort, the LV Series wall mount model is for you.


ÖDaikin Quaternity mini split heat pumpIt is specially designed for heating and cooling in extreme weather conditions - it can heat to -4℉ and cool to 109℉. Regardless of the outside temperature, the Quaternity Mini Split ensures a comfortable temperature inside.

This Daikin mini split is extremely efficient with a high quality filter system.

VISTA ceiling cassette

Ceiling Mini Cassette Split Heat Pumpssuch as Daikin VISTA are designed for rooms where there is no space to install a wall-mounted evaporative cabinet. An advantage of mounting your mini split heat pump on the ceiling is that it distributes the air better in the room. However, if you need an HVAC solution for the lower floors of a multi-story home, a ceiling cassette will not work.

The VISTA ceiling cassette is unique in that it offers optional floor and occupancy sensors to ensure optimal airflow. In addition, your blinds can be opened and closed by remote control as required.

NV series wall mount

ÖDaikin NV series mini split heat pump for wall mountingis a combination for people who want the latest in technology and design. Its evaporative box is sleek and streamlined and can be controlled via a smart thermostat or the Daikin Comfort Control app.

In addition, the NV series channelless mini split has an intelligent eye sensor to automatically adjust the temperature depending on whether someone is in the room or not.

Do the mini-split yourself or hire a professional?

A homeowner who is knowledgeable about medium sized home improvement projects can install a Daikin mini split themselves. However, you should check with the manufacturer to ensure that improper installation does not void your warranty. Just want to put it in the hands of an HVAC professional? Click below to get started.

Find a local HVAC professional for the mini-split installation

Mini splits are ideal for homes without existing central heating and air conditioning ducts. They can also complement existing heating and cooling systems that make certain rooms warmer or cooler than other parts of the house.

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