About the chain link cost calculator (2023) with AVG installation prices (2023)

About the chain link cost calculator (2023) with AVG installation prices (1)

Wire fencing is an affordable and practical option for many owners.On average, owners can expect to pay between$ 1,850 for US $ 5,450For a standard current wire fence, including installation.The national average cost of the installation is close$ 3.500.

Fencing companies usually charge the linear foot for the installation of the fence of jail.The average work rate is$ 24 per linear footHowever, depending on the conditions of the site, the chain connection mesh meter, its prices may vary between$ 16 to $ 26 per lineal ft.

As an experienced contractor in improving the house, I know firsthand what should cost to various levels, from the basics, better and, of course, the best.

This cost calculator about chain link will provide updated prices for your area.Chain installed on your property.

Chain Link CostsPostal CodeFt lineal.
BasicTo improveTo improve
Material prices$ 850,00 - $ 950,00$ 1000,00 - $ 1100,00$ 1450,00 - $ 1550,00
Installation cost$ 700,00 - $ 775,00$ 800,00 - $ 900,00$ 975,00 - $ 1175,00
Total$ 1550,00 - $ 1725,00$ 1800,00 - $ 2000,00$ 2425,00 - $ 2725,00
Average cost per linear foot$ 16,38$ 19,00$ 25,75

How much does it cost to install a current link fence?

On average connection fencing costs$ 7 to $ 12.00 per lineal ftto settle on your property.The fencing of the current link is cheaper thanVinyl surroundedocomposite fences.The installation cost depends in much of the property conditions.Chain connection materials$ 8 to $ 15.00 per lineal ftWithout including hardware, publications and shoes.

200 feet.x 4 feet.Cost of Chain Crega
National average$ 3.500
Low$ 1.850
Intermediate track$ 3.800
High quality$ 4.850 A $ 5.450

Hand Cost -Do -Oba to install a current wire fence

The average installation cost of a connection fence is$ 8 a $ 16By linear foot.Installation costs vary according to the fence material, the height and design of your property.Fencing contractors usually charge$ 45 to $ 75 per hour, more materials.Most professionals from nearby professionals can install 100 to 160 feet closely a day.

Closing Cost Cost and Substitution

The cost of eliminating and replacing a current connection fence varies according to the duration of the fence.Average, costs$ 3 to $ 7 per linear footTo eliminate and get rid of a current wire fence.If the fence posts will remain strong, you can simply replace the fabric of the current$ 8 a $ 16By linear foot.However, if the fence posts also need replacement, the total cost of eliminating and replacing one fence increases to$ 16 a $ 28By the linear foot.

Chain replacement cost

RangeAverage cost per linear foot
Elimination and elimination
$ 3 - $ 7
Replace the cable mesh and hardware
$ 8 - $ 16
Full replacement
$ 16 - $ 28

Cost current of on foot

If you are looking for an accessible fencing option, a current link fence is a great option.Prices and installation of materials vary according to the height, caliber and type of metal used, hardware, doors, poles and poles and upper tracks, on average, you can expect to pay$ 7 a $ 12By a linear fencing foot of 4 feet high.With the installation, the total cost will be close$ 16 to $ 26 per linear foot.

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Fencing sizeMaterial cost
Average installation cost
100 ′ ft.
$ 700 - $ 1.200$ 1.600 - $ 2.600
200 ′ ft.
$ 1.400 - $ 2.400US $ 3.600 a US $ 5.200
300 ′ ft.
$ 2.100 - $ 3.600US $ 4.800 a US $ 7.800
400 ′ ft.
$ 2.800 - $ 4.800US $ 6.400 a US $ 10.400

Cost of a chain link per Acre

The cost of fencing from the adding chain connection varies according to the surface size, with a hectare that measures 43,560 square feet. For example, an ¼ Acre property will require 417 linear feet of fences, while a 1 -Acre property will require836 linear fences.The average cost of installing a connection fence is$ 7 - $ 12 per linear foot, without including materials.

Property sizeTorta linear
Average installation cost
¼ acre417$ 2.919 - $ 5.004
½ acre588$ 4.116 a US $ 7.056
1 acre
836US $ 5.852 a US $ 10.032
2 acre
1.672$ 11.704- $ 20.064

Roll near the current

A current roll usually costs between$ 2 and $ 8 per linear footdepending on the thickness of the cable, height and coating.10, 100 and 150 linear feet rolls are also available, but are less common.For a 50 -foot caliber standard of 11.5, you can expect to pay between$ 50 y $ 100.Rolls close to high quality high quality disposal can cost between$ 275 and $ 450 per rollMost of the fence of the call is 3 to 12 'in height and weighs between 50 and 420 pounds.

Average cost of the chain connection at a height

The average cost of a current connection fence per height is as follows: 3 feet - $ 5 per linear foot, 6 feet - $ 7 per linear foot, 8 feet - $ 12 per linear foot, 10 feet.-$ 16 per linear foot.Prices may vary slightly, depending on the supplier.The heights listed below are the most common for residential uses.The most common residential uses are listed.High, usually for industrial applications.

  • 3 feet. High connection fences are usually used in residential environments around the perimeter of a courtyard.
  • 6 feet. High current link fences are common in residential and commercial environments as they provide good safety and visibility balance.
  • 8 feet and 10 feet. High current link fences are mainly used in industrial environments as they provide a high level of safety.
Feet of height)
Cost of material by foot.
Average installation cost per foot.
3$ 4 - $ 6$ 5 - $ 7
4$ 4 - $ 6$ 5 - $ 7
$ 5 - $ 7$ 6 - $ 7
$ 5 - $ 7$ 6 - $ 7
$ 6 - $ 8$ 7 - $ 9
$ 8 - $ 10$ 7 - $ 10
$ 8 - $ 12$ 7 - $ 10
$ 10 - $ 12$ 9 - $ 12
$ 12 - $ 14$ 9 - $ 12
$ 12 - $ 16$ 9 - $ 16

Ideal option for any location

Supporters of this type can be installed essentially anywhere.However, some of the most popular areas for chain link fencing include the following:

• Companies or houses where animals should be contained or more security is desired
• Strong wind areas where solid fences are probably damaged
• Playgrounds and similar places where it is necessary to see through the fence
• Around HVAC units or areas of public services
• Industrial or commercial parks where safety is necessary

Price chain link Valla by type

About the chain link cost calculator (2023) with AVG installation prices (2)

Sometimes called wire mesh, cyclone or hurricane, a current connection fence is an affordable solution for any property, whether a residential home or a commercial building.Gallies are made from galvanized wire wire cables, the latter folds at an angle of 45 degrees to create the familiar diamond mesh standard with these fences.They offer wind resistance;However, they are safe, durable and essentially without maintenance.

This makes them an ideal option for areas that usually experience strong and running winds.Fortunately, the prices of the current are not as high as you can think.Well, the accessibility associated with this type of closure is one of its greatest advantages.

Cost connection costs per type

Price from the chain connection vary according to the type of mesh material used.The galvanized steel mesh is the most common and affordable option, while the vinyl coated mesh is more durable and protects against oxide.Pure aluminum is the most expensive option, but it is also the lighter.

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Fencing typeMaterial cost
Average installation cost
$ 4 - $ 6$ 9 - $ 16
$ 5 - $ 8$ 9 - $ 16
Covered aluminum
$ 6 - $ 8$ 9 - $ 16
Covered vinyl
$ 7 - $ 9$ 9 - $ 16
Stainless steel
$ 10 - $ 18$ 9 - $ 16

About galvanized steel chain

The cost of galvanized current link fences may vary according to the manufacturer, but is usually around$ 4 to $ 6 per linear footfor material.The installation cost of this type of average closes$ 9 a $ 16So it is a very accessible option compared to other types of fences.

Galvanized current link fences are popular because they last and last, except in the courtyard.

About aluminum chain

The cost of the aluminum chain is higher than other types of fences, but offers several advantages.Aluminum is a light -resistant light material and has a more pleasant look than galvanized steel.It requires very little maintenance and is ideal for coastal areas because it can support difficult conditions.Long and low life maintenance of aluminum chain links make you a good investment for your home;$ 5 - $ 8 per lineal ftand $ 9 - $ 16 for professional installation.

Aluminum coated chain

The cost of a current coated aluminum connection will execute you$ 6 y $ 8By linear foot only for materials.Most owners choose this as it adds some protection for children with a soft outer layer.If I had to install this, it would be an additional$ 9 a $ 16A linear foot, depending on the height you choose.

Vinyl coated chain

The average cost of vinyl -covered chain connection is nearby$ 7 a $ 9By linear foot.The averages of installation costs$ 9 to $ 16 per linear footPlastic -covered current binding is the best option when living in coastal regions, as it protects the metal from the salt water conditions that can cause oxidation.

The color options are black, green, brown and white, which facilitates the style of fencing in existing landscapes.

Stainless steel current current

Stainless steel chain connection costs in$ 10 to $ 18 per linear footonly for materials, but offers more advantages over all other types of fences and costs in$ 9 a $ 16Linear base for installation.Stainless steel resists high temperatures and is less likely to deform or bow in the background.

Hand Costs -De -Obra from the chain

The cost is usually less than half the cost of an iron, stone or wrought iron fence.For this reason, these fences are an excellent alternative for those who want to save money, but need security for their properties.

The first thing many consumers wonders is how much the next cyclone costs by foot installed.As it could be suspected, prices vary according to several factors, but the average cost of this type of fence is$ 7- $ 12 per linear foot.Este costo se basa en una altura de cerca promedio de cuatro pies.por lo tanto, los materiales para la cercá probablemente costarían em cualquier lugar desde desde$ 1.400- $ 2.400However, it is important to understand that characteristics such as heavier wire or vinyl coating usually result in a higher price for materials.This is also true if the consumer wants a higher than the average fence.

For example, the fences of about five feet are typically$ 1-2.00 more per linear footthan the fences at one and a half tall.Cable thickness or caliber also affects the cost.In most cases, the fences with a thick wire and a low caliber are more expensive than the fences with a medium caliber and a more cable thin.A general rule, the thicker the cable and the lower the meter, the higher the price of fences.

Another factor that increases the price of an average fence is vinyl coating.The vinyl coating doubles the cost of the material for the fence in most cases.For example, the cable without coating for an average height fence with caliber standard and thickness costs approximately $ 8 per foot.The price of cable covered with vinyl of the same caliber and thickness usually costs about $ 15 per linear foot.

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When calculating the cost of a connection fence, it is essential in the hands of a professional.

The process involves the staging holes for posts, which must be established in particular.The brackets are used to join the current connection wire mesh, which should be firmly hanged between the poles.Similar to the cost of materials, the price of the hand depends on depends on several factors, but usually drops between $ 1,600 and $ 2,800 for a linear chain close to 200 feet.Therefore, when the average cost of materials and installation, the total cost of a nearby 200 feet linear chain is $ 3,000 to $ 5,200, which decomposes at approximately $ 16 to $ 26 per linear foot.

Period of time

Under normal circumstances, and without the elimination ofexisting structures, a fence can be installed in approximately five days.Publications must be established specifically, which was approximately 24 hours after that, concrete should cure for approximately 72 hours before the "fabric" current link can be placed if ports or other additional features are desired, you can increase the installation time timefor six or seven days.

Fabric screen

Some consumers prefer additional privacy or simply want to add style and style to their fence.If this is the case, the owner should consider a light cloth screen to give the fence a more personalized look.Provide privacy while allowing air to pass.


The owner of a property may also want to install the door to be usually included in the total cost of a fence.

Privacy slats

Chain link slats can also be installed on the fence, and this feature is excellent for owners who want additional privacy.The box is usually sold to privacy slats and can be found in various shades so that owners can choose a rack color that is mixed with the external decoration of the structure.The average price of a tape is approximately $ 50, and the installation is usually calculated by adding $ 2 to $ 3 per foot linear to the original installation quote.

Additional considerations

Anyone who plans to install a chain link fence should think of many aspects, as if there are restrictions in the area where the property is located.Substritions include construction codes implemented by the city or restrictions created by associations of owners or similar organizations.Manand, in accordance with local codes, is essential and therefore it is always necessary to investigate these facts before starting the project.

Secure excavation

Since chain link fencing requires publications on the ground, it is important, insecure areas are marked by public service companies and there is no rate for this service.However, it is important to collect this information in advance and will never simply assume that an area is safe to dig.

Fence permissions

It is also important to communicate with the City Council or the Zoning Council before programming a fence installation, as a license may be required.Get appropriate permission.Once the installation is completed, an inspection is usually scheduled to ensure that the fence complies with all relevant construction codes.


Finally, although the chain connection is essentially maintenance -free, these fences still require a certain level of service if damage occurs or the fence is dirty or corroded.Most debris and dirt can be removed with a simple soap and soap solution, but to make this work even less demanding, one can opt for a vinyl coating for the fence.

Regardless of the type of property you have, the cost of the fence of the chain is usually quite accessible.

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Chain Link View: Configuration Cost Verification List and Price Installation

  • Get at least 3-5 estimates before hiring a connecting fence contractor: estimates are usually free unless it is a repair service call.
  • Expecting that fencing prices will flow between multiple companies: each of the companies has different operating and overload expenses.
  • Try to get prices at the end of autumn, early winter: You should wait for aggressive price discounts when waiting for the low season of a contractor.
  • Try budget and additional 7-15%, and our calculator provides, ie;Difficult settings, standards, the additional complexity of your home scenario will be added to installation costs.
  • Visit each supply house that sells its cheaper private chain brand and tries to negotiate a better price with each supplier: economy on average 20%.
  • Remember, there are several style houses in the United States, from: contemporary, colonial, cod, ranch, bungalow, Victorian, etc..

See other options and prices of fences: vinyl, wood, cedar, pvc, chain and composite fences

  • Compound and vinyl
  • Madera
  • Metal

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