7 Ribosomal RNA function: 16S, 23S, 28S and detailed facts - (2023)

The most common type of RNA in most cells is ribosomal RNA or RRNA.Let us examine more about its detailed functions and facts.

  • The main function of the ribosomalRNAIt is the protein synthesis by combining mRNA and TrNA and ensures that it is correctly translated into proteins.
  • The RRNA molecule has a significant winding.His name comes from the fact that he joins proteins to create the small and large subunits of the ribosome.
  • It accounts for about 80% of the general RNA of the cell.
  • RRNA molecules control the catalytic steps of protein synthesis, which contain amino acids to produce protein molecules.
  • Due to its role as Catalytic RNA, RRNA is often referred to as Ribaza or Ribaza.
  • The internal loops and propellers of the specific three -dimensional form of the RRNA, which forms A, P and and in the ribosome, enable him to work.
  • The location is the preserved league, which was promoted with an amino acid that the P location connects a developed polypeptide.Before the ribosome leaves the ribosome, the TRNA temporarily connects to the area and during the formation of peptide bonds.

Let us put together the main functions of the ribosomal RNA of 23 s, 28 s ribosomal RNA, ribosomal RNA 5 s, ribosomal 16 s, ribosomal RNA 18 s together with the function of the ribosomal RNA in translation and protein synthesis.

Ribosomic RNA function 23S

23S ribosomal RNA forms a peptide connection during the translation process.Let us research more about the role of 23 S RRNA.

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Some of the main functions of 23 s ribosomal RNA are listed below:

  • The most important functional role of the RRNAs in the translation process is the formation of peptide binding, which is mainly catalyzed by the 23 s -RRRNA.
  • ÖPeptidil Center transmission.
  • The 23 S RRNA (G 2252, 2451, U 2506 and U 2585) play a crucial role in the connection of the TRNA in the place of the large ribosomal subunit.
  • Six primary structural domains form the 23 ribosomal RNAs of the type S (RRNA), which are held together by long interactions with long distant couples.One of them has remained the most preserved during the entire evolution that suggests, which indicates that the Domain IV has proceeded, which suggests, which that suggests, which is essential for protein synthesis at some point.

28S Ribosomic RNA function

28S RRNA is one of the structural and basic part of all eukaryotes.We discuss some of your functions in detail.

Some of the main functions of 28 s ribosomal RNA are listed below:

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  • 28 S RRNAAct as a structural RRNA under unit of eukaryotic cytoplasmic ribosomes.
  • The 28 RDNA genes are responsible for the production of 28 S -RRNA molecular analysis in order to build phylogenetic trees using the relationship of the sequences of these genes.
  • Usually the 28 S-RRNA 4000-5000 long-term nucleotides.

Ribosomic RNA function 5S

All types, with the exception of mushrooms and animals, comprise 5S -RRNA (ribosomal RNA).Let us learn more about functions and facts.

The main functions of 5S -RRNA are listed below:

  • 5 S RRNA is the basic part of the larger ribosomal subunit.Molecular weight and the length of 5 s RRNA is around 40 kda or 120 nucleotide.
  • Stabilization of a ribosoma structure is assumed that the 5 -S -RRNA improves protein synthesis.
  • 5 s RRNA was a privileged choice for a molecular phylogenetic marker due to its size and widespread distribution, which it allowsRNA sequencingWith direct techniques.
  • The protein synthesis is reduced and the cell fitness is strongly influenced by Escherichia coli if gene 5 s RRNA is excluded than if a similar number of copies of other RRNA genes (16 s and 23 s) is deleted.
  • The 5 -S -RRNA acts as a physical information converter and enables communication between the many functional centers and the management of the numerous processes that the catalysis of the ribosome.
  • CrystallographicStudies show that a central prerequisite for the larger subunit and other proteins, including the 5 RRNA -Connecting proteins, is involved in the connection of the TRNs.

Ribosomal rrna -function 16s

The small subunit of the bacterial ribosome consists of a 30 -S subunit, including 16 S RRNA.Around 16 s functions are specified below.

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The main functions of 16 s ribosomal RNA are listed below:

  • The 16 -S -RRNA in bacteria is 5 to 10 copies, which makes evidence incredibly sensitive.
  • The internal structure of the 16 -S -RRNA gene consists of variables and preserved sections.
  • They interact at 23, help each other with the merger of 50 and 30 s ribosomal subunits.
  • A reverse SD (Sequence of Grath - Dalgarno) The sequence is included in the 3 'end, which is used to tie the August Codon (initiation) of the mRNA.It was found by proteins.
  • Phenotypical bacteria identification methods in microbiology can be carried out quickly and cheaply through 16 SCA sequencing.

Ribosomale RNA function 18S

18 S RRNA is a small subunit (SSU) of 40 S RRNA of the eukaryotic cell.Let us discuss your functions in detail.

The main functions of 18 S RRNA are listed below:

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  • One of the basic parts of all eukaryotic cells is the 18 -S -RRNA, which serves as a structural RNA for the very small eukaryotic cytoplasmic ribosome.
  • In the 40 -S -Ribosomal subunit, the 18 -S -RRNA serves as an active place in protein synthesis.
  • It is believed that an increase in the 18 S -RRNA is proportional to increase the ribosomes, which leads to an increased RNA transcription volume and protein synthesis.
  • Further studies on the effects of antioxidant nutritional supplements inCataractPrevention can use the 18 -S -RRNA as a suitable biomarker to track protein synthesis, including antioxidant enzymes.
  • In complicated biological combinations, including the samples collected from the environment and the intestine, the 18 -S -RRNA gene sequencing is often used to locate, categorize and quantify bacteria.
  • A phylogenetic tree using various eukaryotic sequences of 18 s genes can be generated to analyze the genetic diversity and evolutionary relationships between eukaryotes.

Function of the ribosomal RNA in translation

In every stage of the translation process, participation of the RRNA is required.Let us research more about the role of the RRNA in the translation.

The list listed below shows the main functions of the RRNA in the translation:

  • In cytoplasm, ribosomes read the nucleotide sequence in three base segments, which are referred to as codons that the messenger -RNA use using the coded genetic information in DNA.
  • More than 60% of the weight of the ribosome consist of ribosomal RNA, essential for all ribosome activities, including facilitating the formation of peptide bonds between two amino acids and mRNA and trna connection.
7 Ribosomal RNA function: 16S, 23S, 28S and detailed facts - (1)
  • CodonThey are formed by nucleotide triplets that are Adenin, Guanin, Cytosin and Uracil.These four nucleotides combine a total of 64 codon.The codon is displayed with unique amino acids.
  • The Shine-Dalgarno (SD) sequence in the mRNA is based on the 16-S-RRNA to start the prokaryotic translation.
  • The SD sequence is 6 to 10 long nucleotide and is available in the current of the initial Aug codon.
  • The larger ribosomal subunit is also recruited as a result of this contact, which is conveyed by other proteins and the first codon is translated as a result.

Ribosomal RNA function in protein synthesis

The protein biosynthesis occurs at certain points in the ribosomes in a cell.We discuss the function of the ribosomal RNA in protein synthesis.

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The main functions of the ribosomal RNA in protein synthesis are listed below:

  • The exact amount of ribosomes in a cell varies depending on how actively this cell is when producing proteins.
  • A non -coding RNA called RRNA helps with the formation of ribosomes, the cellular organela, which is responsible for protein synthesis.Ribosomal RNA can be small or huge when coding.
  • As soon as these small and large RRNAs are mounted in the appropriate position, they will work with ribosomal proteins to form ribosomal subunits that are used for the synthesis of proteins.
  • Due to the interactions with the core, the proteins found in the ribosome contribute to maintaining this structure.
  • In essence, ribosomal RNA is translated at certain locations called nucleoli.They are spherical and dense structures that develop around RRNA -encoding genes.
  • Due to the ribosomal protein sequestration, nucleoli are also essential for the final synthesis of ribosomes.
  • During the protein synthesis, the RRNA binds to mRNA and TrNA and is a decisive factor in determining how mRNA sequences are translated.


In order to end this post, we can come to the conclusion that the RRNA fulfills different functions because it is different.Ribosomal RNA concentrates small subunits of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cellribosomes and fulfill different functions.

Read more aboutCan bring together to be controlled.

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