15 free things to do in Järva (2023)


Publication date:January 24, 2023

Are you looking for budget activities in the northern area of ​​Järva? Here are my tips for fun and sporty activities for the whole family.

Järva is a treasure trove of opportunities for residents and visitors alike. When this area was built in the 1960s and 1970s, it was not only thousands of housing units, but also transport links, community spaces, sports facilities and shopping malls. Järva is the 101 of urban planning. And over time, these establishments grew in size, extravagance and importance. Take, for example, the development of Kista Galleria into one of Stockholm's premier shopping destinations, with the largest food court in the country, the number one hangout in our community.

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One of the mainstays of the community here is the extensive work being done by various associations(associations)involving the local population.

club life, which literally means "the life of the club", is an important part of Swedish culture. It's a very big society and many people volunteer their free time at sports clubs, cultural clubs, local scouts and so on. There's a lot of talk about Sweden being a cold place to live in addition to the cold winter weather, but it's the great community work that brings the warmth, connections and ultimately friendship between people. These clubs make Sweden a welcoming place, especially in Järva, where the local community is arguably stronger than anywhere else.

Many of the associations carry out activities not only for their members but also for the local communities they serve. This is a list of everything I saw or know about Järva that is offered free to everyone. Come and enjoy - they will welcome you with open arms!

family activities and culture

  • You'll also find it in the grounds of Husby Gård and its beautiful rustic cafeHusby Art Gallery(Art Gallery). Exhibitions by local artists are often held here, which you can see whenever you like. The same applies toTensta Art Gallery, on the other side of Järvafaltet.
  • Keep an eye out for big events like Midsummer or the Christmas market happening around here.Akalla byevery year. There are usually local crafts for sale, in addition to the local sports teams, who often work the stalls for reasonably priced festive goodies. Watching the frogs dancing around the Maypole, listening to Christmas carols or watching the huge Valborg bonfire is open to all.
  • During the summer, the council runs summer pop-up venues in Rinkeby and Husby, mainly aimed at children who have fun activities during the long holiday period. These are great fun if you need to drag your kids somewhere. There is also a Summer in the Square event.local community groups in Kista, with the added bonus of a grill handing out free burgers to attendees. Queues are long, but the taste is worth it!
  • Small children not yet in kindergarten? Check the hours ofopen kindergarten(Page in Swedish)(Open Preschool), which is available throughout the district. They are ideal for quiet games with small children and to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Congratulations to Rinkeby's group, open only to parents and children on Saturdays!
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  • The libraries in Husby, Rinkeby and Tensta are great places to shelter from the occasional downpour. The Tensta library opened in the summer of 2022 in a new location in the main square. Do not forgetKista Library, voted the best library in the world in 2015! Some of the events inKista World Music Festivaltake place here in the event room.
  • Speaking of libraries: in spring 2023, a new kind of library is scheduled to open in Järva, a "leisure library". Here you can rent outdoor equipment such as skis, balls or board games like SwedishQuadrajust like you borrow books from a library. You no longer need to travel in sportswear!
  • Do you want access to technical equipment to carry out electronic DIY work or do you need technical assistance? The campus of KTH (The Royal Institute of Technology) is workingMentorspace, a resource open to everyone in the Electrum building on how to use 3D printers, soldering irons and laser cutters. Check with Professor Mark Smith for details to gain access to the building. The only rule is that you must offer your help to anyone who asks!
  • If you have children, visit the organized playgrounds (calledParklekin Swedish) in Tensta and Rinkeby. These are staffed playgrounds with a little more provided by the community (think tricycles for younger children and games for older ones, plus a dedicated indoor area). we were inO parque infantil Rinkenin Rinkeby youParkspiel Erikslundin Tensta a few times and my 3 year old agrees. On Wednesdays, Erikslund still serves Swedish waffles at a low price for a little energy.

sports and outdoor activities

  • Kista sports club, based in Akalla By, conducts a variety of tasting activities. For family activities, they use the large hall at Akalla By to host a lunch followed by a free visit to a sporting or cultural destination in the area. Check the website - places are usually full. The sports club also has many different sports under its wing, but visitors are perhaps more interested in the groups they have for handball and football - free sessions for everyone to play casually once a week.
  • There are many pitches for casual football, but only one is UEFA-branded.Maxi field moved to Lofotenparkeninstalled in 2017 to host the UEFA Europa League final in Stockholm.
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  • In the winter, they open a cross-country ski trail on the running track.Sportplatz Spånga. On weekends, from 12:00 to 16:00, you can rent skis and poles for free and go around as many times as you like. Be warned - it's not as easy as it looks! The same organization helps with RinkebyRun, which runs a weekend running group that starts in Akalla and runs through each local suburb at the pace of the slowest member every Sunday.
  • There is onewood chip trailCircumnavigation of Järvafaltet between the wooded sections that exist among the green pastures. Taking this route in the dark of winter is magical. It's lit throughout and it feels like you're in the desert through thick forest, despite being about 30 minutes from central Stockholm. Do you dare to climb the steep banks of Granholmstoppen for the best view of Järva?
  • The Unionice hockey for everyone(Hockey for All) Husby uses Ishall as the venue for his open-to-all sessions. You reserve the rink during the break between hockey or figure skating practice and allow members to skate for free all year round. They also rent skates for those who don't have the equipment.
  • To participate inthe coffin race! The 5km course (shorter for younger children) is organized like all races in Sweden and has been free for ten years! It usually takes place on a Saturday in September and thousands of eager runners line up at the starting line.
  • The best place to go tobogganing on a clear winter day is in Akalla, just behind the bus station near the aptly named Barnkullen preschool (Children's Hill). The long ski jump is lit up until it gets dark at 3pm in winter.Trudeluttenin Kista is also a popular spot fortoboggan,as the toboggan run is called in Swedish.

By Ben Robertson

Location in Stockholm

About the author

Ben moved to Stockholm in 2011 after falling in love with the city while studying Interrail. Settling in Akalla, on the outskirts of town, Ben has the best of both worlds. Stockholm is so small that public transport takes you to the heart of the Swedish capital in less than 30 minutes, but here nature is on your doorstep, with rabbits and deer roaming free. “I remember the first few years I lived here,” Ben recalls, “I spent my weekends maximizing my public transport fare to explore parts of the city I had never seen before. Stockholm has something different to love in every direction. "

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